I’ve got chills
I’ve got aches
I watched my past blow across the lake
(Is there a place for us,
Somewhere beyond this rut)

When you’re ash
When you’re dust
Stitches & Salt won’t affect your cuts
(When perspective reigns,
we won’t be wasting days)

It’s ok to take what you’ve been told
It’s ok to grow beyond the mold

We’re alright
We’re just fine
Don’t wanna talk about it
If it helps
You sleep at night
Let all your stories out
We’re alright
We’re just fine
A flashback for the broken hearted
We’re alright
We’re just fine

You’ve lost hope
And you’re numb
Needles and pins lodged in your gums
(And it’s in my head,
and it’s in my home)

And your brain
The horror film from within a deep sleep
(When the lights are out
& you’re lost in space and sound)

Just like an atlas holding in the world
(Beyond the lake)
Just like an atlas weighed down by the earth
(The same mistakes)
Just like an atlas holding in the world

It’s ok to take what you’ve been told
It’s ok to grow beyond the mold
It’s ok to move beyond the lake
It’s ok to make the same mistakes

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Salt & Stitches song meanings
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    Song Meaning"“Salt & Stitches” came from a conversation I had with Mitch from The Love Junkies, when we were on tour with them a couple of years ago. We were talking about how writing serious music is like cutting yourself open and exposing your insides to people who either rub salt in the wounds, or stitch you back up again.

    It can be super difficult to expose everything in your head to a world full of critics. I find that everything my friends say about what they like and don’t like works its way into whatever I’m creating – whether it’s music, or photography, or whatever I’m making. I’m the kind of person who is super influenced by other people, and sometimes I find it hard to push beyond ruts that I’ve created in my own head due to other people’s opinions (“Is there a place for us / Somewhere beyond this rut?”). I really don’t want to be controlled by that, so this song is more a reminder to ourselves that “It’s okay to grow beyond the mold.”"
    Azazel23on November 10, 2016   Link

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