You move for me just like a winter light
Through windows and rooms
Keeping the day from the night

Is it happening now for the first time?
Am I seeing you in another light?

You were there for me at the beginning of time
And I sang to you
The words and the simple line

Is it happening now for the first time?
Am I seeing you in another light

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    Song Meaning"'Winterlight' is just one of those songs that happened very very quickly. Aidan and I were working on a short song idea for a scene in a film (a couple fall in love
    during a game of darts...yeah, I know), and this melody grew from that initial strum around. Working to a brief and having a visual cue can be one of the best ways to get ideas flowing, or it can be incredibly restrictive on creativity. In this instance, it
    helped and allowed us to focus the sound, shape and theme of the song and build our own song house (yeah I just invented that phrase, you're welcome) on those foundations. Aidan lives in a top floor flat in West London, and that's where we wrote and recorded this song. There are some pretty exceptional views from his place, and as we started writing at about 3pm on a November afternoon, the light started to change to that weird greenish, glow you seem to get in big cities
    during the autumn and winter. And that's where the lyric came from - with the awesome light.

    Although the words are inspired by a fictional couple in a film, playing darts and for some reason realising at that moment that they're meant to be together, it doesn't
    take away from the personal weight I've put into the song - I can relate to it and attach it to my own life. I suppose I have to, otherwise it wouldn't sound right or

    In terms of production, we wanted to keep the track as stripped down as possible, but still have something in there to catch the ear. I love springy and slappy
    reverbs on vocals, and would happily have it on every song - there's something oddly Christmassy about that sound, I'm sure it just reminds me of 'Happy
    Xmas (War is Over)'...but it's here on this almost Christmas song, along with some one man choir and sparkling guitar."
    -Richard Walters
    Azazel23on November 01, 2016   Link

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