Are you out, are you in there, do I hear you again?
It's the cold of your necklace on the heat of my skin
And I wait for possession of your voice in my ear
I know every scratch of you

I am slowly beginning just to melt in the dawn
And I hold every second like your tired skin & bones
And I doubt that you sense me cos you're still lost in waves
I know every ounce of you

So I burn off the cold night and I sit by its flame
And I wait for the moment that you come back again
And I sense your possession of my voice in your head
I know every stitch of you

I can't wait any longer, I can't bear any more
I was drained by the morning, by the wolves at the door
But you'll stir in a moment and my world will align
I know every piece of you

And I know every piece of you

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    Song Meaning"'A.M' is a song about the dawn primarily. I always wake up before Annie, usually because our gigantic cat has come to crush me, but mainly because I'm a very
    light sleeper and get disturbed by the smallest thing; the cars on our street, birds singing, little morning light, the neighbours in the flat upstairs - it doesn't take much.I'm also a pretty anxious person and my brain seems to dedicate itself, in these first few moments of the day when I'm (mentally but not physically) alone, to causing me huge concern - bills I need to pay, work I need to finish, places I need to be.

    But the song is truly about my wife, Annie - her remarkable ability to completely calm me in any situation, I genuinely fear nothing in her company and I know that we support each other in this way. The lyric is about that very short period of time, like an airlock between sleep and the day, when I'm without her in some way.

    Production wise, the song was inspired by the two Jon's - Hopkins and Brion. Aidan and I have a shared love for the pair, and we took some elements from both their work; the tinny, lo-fi-ness of the strings and voice, the slightly worn sounding piano, and the space-like swelling and sloping of the song. It even features a genuine field recording! The sound at the start of the track was recorded from the
    back seat of a NYC yellow taxi cab stuck in rush-hour traffic, I put my phone on the parcel shelf and collected the sound of rain falling on the back window."
    -Richard Walters
    Azazel23on November 01, 2016   Link

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