See he gets the hang of makin'
That tiny violin sing for him
Don't it sound like torture music?
Well you should know cos' you helped tune it

Have you tried to understand?
Couldn't have feelings cos you're not a man
Now you have left him bruised and battered
The book of love lies there in tatters

Ah but one of these days he'll forget
One of these days he'll move on
But some of those days feel too long

When a heart is beat and broken

Perhaps it's fate playing her best hand
She dusts him off and helps him stand
Says there are ways to make things better
With poison pens and fuck you letters

Tear it down and watch it burn
Laugh in the face of lessons learned
Yeah he will start to build up fences
To improve his natural defenses

Oh one of these days you'll forget
One of these days you'll move on
Still all of those days are too long

When the heart is beat and broken

What doesn't kill us makes us strong
If it doesn't hurt it must be wrong
Well man is born to keep on making
The same mistakes, to keep on breaking

Again and again and again

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    Song Meaning"It's another track from the vaults that has, until now, existed in a very demo-y form. I wrote this track in early 2013, right in the middle of the 'Regret Less' tour. I was approached by a music supervisor for a film called 'Rudderless' that was being
    directed by awesomely-faced American actor William H Macy and asked if I would be interested in submitting 5 songs. The film, if you haven't seen it, is all about
    music - it's out there now, so I won't ruin the story for you, but basically I was invited to write songs to be performed in the film.

    I was given 5 very broad themes and titles - 'Breakup Song', 'Hot Girl Song' etc - and spent 2 days writing and demoing ideas. I got some hilarious messages directly from the Macy and general nods of approval from the music supervisor
    and producer, but in the end they took the music away from a singer/songwriter vibe and went somewhere a bit more Americana.

    For me it came at exactly the right point - I'd been struggling to get anything new written during tour trips, and was just in need of a project and some
    fact 'The Letter' from my last solo EP 'Two Birds' was another song that started life as a 'Rudderless' demo. So, thank you William H Macy.

    Production wise, we've kept this one small and simple. Again, due to schedules clashing, Aidan and I have been in different places a lot this month, so we've totally Postal Serviced this one - thank you email!"
    -Richard Walters
    Azazel23on November 01, 2016   Link

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