Do you hear my heart
It rattles and it beats inside a cage
Turning everything that you say into a wave

And you know my love
I’m hidden in your words and in your face
So I’m everywhere that you go, each time and place

Give yourself to me
Give every single part of you that’s real

I’ll see you in the morning
Do you feel the flames
They’re licking at the house and at the gate
Taking everything that we own they do not wait

And you know my love
I’m written in the stars and in your fate
So I’m everything that you are, all love and hate

Give yourself to me
Give every single part of you that’s real

I’ll see you in the morning

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    Song Meaning"Lyrically, this is another one with no strong ties to personal experience or events, but more a broad stroke about devotion and the sturdy strength of a team of two.

    I recently found a large stack of notebooks from about 6 years ago buried in box. I use notebooks less and less these days, and tend to collect lyric ideas on my phone or in draft emails, but previously I would just write pages and pages of
    title ideas and little snippets...rather than fully formed lyrics these books often contain very brief ideas that lead to something else. Like kindling I suppose, I can scan through and find something to build a fire from.

    In these notebooks, amongst shopping lists and scribbled in appointments, phone numbers and addresses, I found one line I'd written several times - "my absence
    when I sleep". Who knows what I was thinking, but I reread it as something about the inevitability of sleeping and waking, the space in between (something I looked at lyrically for 'A.M' too!).

    So, this song became kind of about that. Whatever happens you will always see your significant other when you wake up. And you'll deal with whatever life throws at you together ("Do you feel the flames, They’re licking at the house and at the gate") day to day. There's something in there about fate playing a role in our life's too, I'm not entirely sure if I believe that but I do like the concept of an inevitable force steering us all.

    Production wise, Aidan and I wanted to make something big and dramatic, almost Bon-Iver esque at moments, something that keeps on building. Mr O'Brien scored a beautiful string part too, which is suitably stirring and lifting."
    -Richard Walters
    Azazel23on November 01, 2016   Link

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