"Paradigm" as written by and Zachary James Baker Matthew Charles Sanders....
You've been breakin down for far too long
Far too many moons since you felt well and strong
You see, you could say goodbye but you don't have to die
Not ever

Engineer the wires to your brain
Architect a code so you won't feel the pain
With your family by your side and vigor in your eyes forever
Live Forever

I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals
I shed my human side
Farther, O' Father
I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside?
Final paradigm

What's it really mean to be a man?
Think about your answer but please understand
While it's natural to fear, I'll make it disappear forever
I forever

I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals
I shed my human side
Farther, O' Father
I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside?
Final paradigm

Singular I am

I have the question if these thoughts are mine
To live forever but did something in me die?
I'm clawing my skin but I can't feel it inside
I know the agony of pain would hurt so much better

I'm way up so far up
Have I lost myself tonight?
Father, O' Father
Have you lost that boy you used to know?

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"Paradigm" as written by Zachary James Baker Matthew Charles Sanders

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    General CommentI'd wager the song is about a person, naturally fearing death, succumbing to his wishes for immortality. Technology has created a way for immortality to happen, through what seems to be a Matrix-type computer generated consciousness, but by "plugging in" humanity loses something core to them; perhaps a yearning for freedom.

    This whole album plays off of the idea of the singularity: an event in which technology gets so advanced and AI's are created. This causes such unimaginable exponential scientific growth that humans become obsolete and are likely to be enslaved by the AI's they've created. The Matrix is an exploration of this event as well SPOILER ALERT: the humans are put into a digital existence and the electricity generated by their perception of reality is used to fuel the AI's ships, etc.
    E4Duckyon November 05, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningSo. Contrary for what this other due said about people tapping into a matrix type of situation this is more about human "upgrading" them selves and becoming more a machine than human. Becoming immortal while becoming more of a machine and losing "that boy you used to know". Basically becoming a cyborg and starting to be better than other mortals thus becoming god among them. But the further he "upgrades" the less human he becomes. almost like the movie Transcendence from 2014 which is not far fetch that this might have been an inspiration for this song because that's when A7x were prolly planing and writing new songs for the new album.

    Also with a quick googling I found out that "Paradigm shift" refers as a scientific revolution in some context and in the song it states "Final Paradigm" thus refereeing that the transformation going on in the song or the "events" is the final revolutionizing thing in scientific realm. This might be human merging with AI or just AI gaining and upgrading it self and becoming ever more intelligent with no stopping.

    Also to me there are other song on this album that actually feel more like Matrix scenario than this song. Like Simulation like the name suggest (then again that feels a bit Westworldy as well, in liek its a simulation for the machines/Ai to keep them in check so they wont revolt against human overlords).
    xanduxerguon April 08, 2017   Link

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