Tell me, how was your night?
Was it a lot of fun?
Did you get really drunk
And puke out in the parking lot?

So how did you get here?
Did you take a taxi?
Why is your car out front?
Oh, please tell me you didn't drive

Knock-knock at the door—the police are here
Handcuffs on your wrists—oh my gosh, what did you do?
Ran over someone
And just drove away
Ran over someone
Now you're goin' to jail

So many months have passed
I can't believe I'm here
Visiting you in jail
Because you got behind the wheel

You hate to be locked up
But you'll get out one day
As for the lady you killed
In a cold coffin she will stay

She was twenty-four when she died that day
Left behind a husband and a daughter two years old
Family destroyed
'Cause ya drank and drove
Family destroyed 'cause of your stupidity

So many years have passed
Tell me how you have been
Driving a brand-new car
So fortunate some people are

Been sober for five years?
Oh really?
That's just great
But I can smell your breath
Excuse me while I grab those keys

How couldja even think of drinking alcohol, then getting behind
A steering wheel?
I know ya think you're superhuman
And way above the law, and then
Oops, ya kill yourself
Or even worse, ya kill
Someone else, and
Oh, you're so sorry—your judgment was cloudy as a stormy night
But now an endless rain of tears are
Runnin' down the faces of all the friends and family who loved
The person you killed
If you wanna get so drunk
That you can barely stand up
That's your business
But when ya get behind the wheel, it's all of
Humanity that you are hurting and killing, and we're not gonna stand for it anymore
If you know you're gonna have to drive, then please don't drink
But if ya do drink, leave your car right where it is
And call a taxi or your friends and family to come
And bring you home, where you can puke in your toilet in peace
I hope ya don't have a drinking problem, but if ya do
Please get some help

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