Verse 1
Tyrone Lamar:

Rollin woodgrain in that whip on a Friday
Putting money in I get it back in five days
Turned Up so loud that I'm shaking the highway
Smoking Jamaica I think Im'a fly away
Nobody know what I be doing
Yal niggas losing
Yal hoes be chosing....Me!!!
I don't leave the part till three
Gotta cup full of sprite twisted with Hennessy
Got an easy way of making of dat mula!!!
Turned the booth to a church like Saint Beulah!!!
My diamonds look like they came straight out the cooler
Running this shit like a rabbit in pumas!!!
Young but here's what you don’t know
Kicking ass in the tracks Tae-Kwon-Do!!!
I be giving all these rappers T.K.O!!!
I'm the reason all these rappers gonna stay broke!!!
They envy my gang and you know we stay throwed!!!
Skinning these beats like some white potatoes!!!
All my niggas running round gettin that yayo!!!
Got the world in my hands just like blue playdough!!!
I'm young in the game but I rap like a pro!!!
Makin money out of bounds when I rapped at my show!!!
Killing these niggas and fucking these hoes!!!
And they feast on my dick just like sloppy joe!!!
I got that money in the bank that's a bet!!!
Rollin like a muthafuckin Vette!!!
Rockin two chains on my neck!!!
Everybody showing me respect!!!
Cause they know I gotta big fat check!!!
That's On My Momma!!!

The Sables:

Mo-ther!!! [x2]

Verse 2
Tyrone Lamar:

She would never listen to me because I used to be broker than sticks
But now my pockets are getting more thick and it's thicker and the rest of your clique
And I'm young in the game but I'm not gonna trip
In the car with your girlfriend I'm thumping a switch
And I never play games when I reload the clip
And my mother knows that I ain’t ever gonna miss
When I'm shooting these niggas when I'm on the track
And I promise to you that I never go back
And I gotta stay clean from the front to the back
And I'm choppin up the block when I'm in the Lac
So many haters I carry a gat
Because everywhere I go I gotta be strapped
I am the Alpha Male of the whole pack
Like Ludacris said you don't know me like that
Mama taught me to be just like a soldier
Smartest in college a little bit bolder
A Little colder like a frozen cola
I'm keeping it moving like a locomotive
I'm young in the game and I'm bringing the pain and my haters keep making me laugh
All because I be doing my thing and I'm not going to change
I be stuntin just like my dad
Do you really know that?
This is the letter to home the little things that matters most
That's why I'm Growling, that's why I'm Screaming
So can you hear me? Here me screaming!

The Sables:

Mo-ther!!! [x2]

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