Is this really what they want, another mad black man?
Clinching my hands cause all of my friends got shot in they chest
And when I'm in public they make me feel less
Maybe I should start wearing a vest, but then they'd paint me as a terrorist
Everywhere i go now I fear arrest, or maybe worse
Like one of these brothers they put in a hearse
How have you not found a solution that works?

The juice in my bottle was tainted
I'm having these thoughts that nobody should
People just don't make it out my hood and it's making me feel dangerous

Boy I be on em
I be on too many
And you know I share I got plenty
I like taking naps on my money
They was playin' craps on the corner
Then i saw the police come in
That was in Etheridge before they changed the name to Rolling Bends
All I do is unholy sin
My pockets too light so I been going in on every beat
Steppin foot on every street
Tryna keep money coming in
It's been hard lately tryna keep up with the finance

I've never been on a plane, but I want to
That'd be so cool
I'd break the rules
Fuck a bitch up there
And I done seen too many obituaries
I hate when situations get hairy, I like it clean for the better good
No hair like the pussy should, but do your thing girl I ain't trippin
Nah officer I ain't sippin,and I'm keepin my distance
And I got my hands up, you ain't bout to shoot me
I'm just tryna get my bands up man, you know you better not shoot me
I'm standin here with my hands up

You know I had to drop it twice
I can do it like that I'm that nice
Young age I cook with the spice
And now I let it marinate, I got my skills up
Yeah i'm the nigga with the most potential
Bout to get to the real bucks
It's Jimmy Johns with the shirt tucked
I was working that lunch rush

But when this shit drop, I'm done you know it
You don't see the money til you show it
You could never say that I owe it
I pay all my debts
I'm like Poe, I'm a poet

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