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And I know the difference between chance and temptation
And I ain't never worried about how they critique or bout my placement
You ask me how I feel about a statement
I reply too real and you sit and wonder what I really meant
Yes I'm really poor and my car got dents
I can't keep food in the house and I need help with the rent
You blame the money I spent, but I know it's not that simple
I blame the lack of money you sent cause you wanted surgery on your pimples

And even back then
I didn't know what it meant to have brown skin
But now I'm 21 and I understand
I'm still growing becoming a man

Still growing becoming a man
That's something I understand
Still growing becoming a man
But Im 21
I'm 21 nigga

And what's better than sunshine that finds it's way through your blinds?
Waking you up because it's time to get back to the hustle
All day you out here bustin your ass for some fast cash
You barely a grad
Already feelin' that real world stress
The kind that hurts your chest and makes you grab it
Feelin' like someone stabbed it
We try our best to maintain, but I'm feelin the same cause nothing changed
Except who they pointing the blame at
You might see me around with the same hat
A on the front, and I wear it to the back
If I ever got a dog, I'd prolly want a cat
We want what we cant have
And I make myself laugh and think maybe I'm crazy
But if it was like that I would be okay with it
And if I works for me then Ima stay with it
If they blaming me Ima say they did it
And my only tongue I pray with it

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