I'll give you me
When fantastic smiles don't win
And the sun only shines now and then
It often rains here, amongst friends
And so I lean up against what you say and mean
There's a reason to every thing
That's why I came here - I've been sent

The plan comes together
I know my mans are fed up with playing parts
We deal in ones or better
And you could play it in the sinking
This isn’t about some bar-drinking buffoon,
This is the age of thinking
This is fine tuning
Check one; bring the goons in
I’m new improved, off-the-bid like cocooning
So, meet the newest author
The larger picture’s ill
Let’s keep it real
Better still, what do you offer?
Ain’t not pretending it furthermore
I’m more mature
And I don’t fear to leave you here
That’s what the earth is for
The superficials have given
I know the surface small
I left the pages of the sermon on the church’s floor
For those who get a date
I hope you did it great
I say a prayer that all my dues don’t recidivate
Though we legitimate the complex,
We gotta wake up one day
I advise your alarm is set

Most sincere, you might like it there
Is what your hand called for doing life in there?
I know some shorty’s shaking off, looking nice in there,
But do you ever wonder why there’s no lights in there?
This ain’t a movie, miss
Could you do me this little favor
Just to be you?
I’m an enthusiast
And should we fall, let’s get back on track
Walk with me, this is food for thought
You could snack on that

In space afloat
From here I see the coast
Would you be there in my love
If I need you most? Most…

I'll give you me
Where fantastic truths hold sway
And every fool is king for a day
They know your name’s here
It’s in print

I’m still addicted to the urban error
Like counterfeit bond bearers or turban wearers
Indeed, I became laid in rivieras
But please, don’t compare me to the non-living
I swear one would look at my face
You say ‘his mom’s in him’
It’s a war going on outside, in my opinion
Hear me well, minions
It’s an end to every sentence
I crown who?
This is round two; back for business
The bed monster
Better thinking, my hair longer
More pedantic with my sights on the North Atlantic
How you take the devil off the planet?
This game with no advantage
You trapped in substandard granite
You eat what you’re fed
You gluten your language
Stuck in your position
Feeling helpless to change it
I don’t vibe for position,
I just jockey the lanes
You expect me to see war and sing this the same?
Who watch the rich get richer
Like monopoly change
While the poor got poorer in the property gain

I know your thoughts
Better still, what you’re probably saying
‘A few years in exile, and he’s probably the same’
‘A few years in exile’ like ‘John so foul, he went away,
So, what, you think he’s conscious now?’
I’m a mode to mouth-breathers,
Ode to Kweli
C’est la, what you told me
I rap with you, homie, now…

In space afloat
From here I see the coast
Would you be there in my love
If I need you most? Most…

I'll give you me
I'll give you me
I'll give you me

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