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The Window song meanings
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    My InterpretationThe way I see it this is a song about belief in God and Heaven, I know people get angry when Thrice lyrics are said to be connected to religion, but to me it only makes sense. In this song Dustin is singing of a room which to me is a representation of our physical world, he says that there's a window that while boarded up still shows signs of more than what's in that room. They way I see it, the wind and the strange light represents God and all of the other religious views Dustin and many others believe in. In the chorus he sings that there's nothing he can say or no way to prove that there's something greater outside of the room just like it's very hard and nearly impossible to prove the existence of God and Heaven, but while he feels there's no way to prove it all he still feels that there's meaning in the light and the way the curtains move. This is basically saying even though there's no way to completely know that there is a God, something makes him believe, something keeps his faith going. As he continues he speaks of a song which could easily be representing times when people may feel that God is speaking to them. Moving into the bridge Dustin addresses all of his doubts or the doubts that this world makes us begin to think about his own hand writes the painful words going against everything he believes, that he should be terrified and that it's all just in his head. Still in the end he goes back to how the light shines through and how the curtains move. This is a song about faith and not letting go of what he and many others believe in. I really love this song and its meaning. You don't have to agree with me or my beliefs, but knowing Dustin, this song probably has at least a little to do with his religious beliefs.
    GudDomiton May 31, 2016   Link
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    General CommentTo me this is about the cognitive dissonance surrounding his faith; the state of having inconsistent thoughts and beliefs and struggling with the burden of proof. To me this song describes the feeling of tension experienced due to these conflicting beliefs. When this happens people tend to feel uncomfortable and they start trying to figure out a way to reconcile their beliefs so they don't seem to conflict anymore or the discomfort is relieved; the choice in this instance is to further reiterate his faith to avoid the obvious conflict in regard to the lack of evidence to support his belief system.

    The "note scratched in the wall" is the specific dissonance - he reads the words "in dread" because reality is threatening to his ego and his faith. His fears are that God does not exist and his religion is a personal/mass social delusion; his solution is to ignore this dissonance (reality) and reiterate his faith.

    Fantastic song!
    adamarayon June 02, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThe chorus says it.

    Life is the room we're in now.

    Death is on the other side of The Window

    It hasn't been proven there is anything beyond that window but nothingness. The miniscule amount of light coming through is the only glimmer of hope, that there is an afterlife, but that keeps us awake at night.

    Are we just convincing ourselves that something more is beyond the window because it's been written down so many different ways by so many cultures over so many years, that it has to be true? or should we ignore the possibility as if we're just crazy?

    Amazing song live.
    jwax8242oon July 11, 2017   Link

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