Call me, but there's no telling who you'll find out on that line

Kids at the crib, struggling
Daddy in Rotterdam, bubbly
Ain't it all lovely?
Ain't it all bubbly?
Ain't it all burgundy?
Sleeping on sheets
Kids at the crib, sleeping on cleats
I'm zoning out to beats having a mimosa
Alcohol and benedicts, so bring us all closer
Ferrari Testarossa
Old-ass poster
Old T shirt wet on the sofa
Walk around Haarlem with a woman named Rhoda
She bought me loafers
They ambrosia (They ambrosia)
They ambrosia
I thought I told ya? (They ambrosia)
From overdose to the Baltic Sea
Gentlemen thief to the helpful crone
Pudgy belly
Jelly scone
Jelly scone
Toss my phone
Let me call my home
Let me eat this scone
Let me eat this scone
All alone
Flap like pelican
Harlequin argument
Cable man caught again in her apartment
Give into me
Give into me

I told you once, I told you twice
Honey pie, I'm cold as ice
Gotta catch a flight
Call me ghost
Well you're not quite
I'm a poltergeist
Tell you once, I tell you twice
Sweetie babe, I'm cold as ice
Gotta catch a flight
Say I'm a ghost
You're not quite
I'm a poltergeist

Can you buy gifts to make up for time lost up to rap?
Perpetual watch
Connect the dots
I'm rolling yarn
I sent you socks
I burned my arms
Time ain't forever
People just don't change
You get a good idea or a general range
There you have it, ain't no magic
You can't turn a horse to a rabbit
Gentleman thief tried to nab my ID
Helpful crone, they tried to warn me
Jelly scone, they taste so lovely
You tried to change me
I time-travel: Allegheny
I brought you a leather saddle
I brought kids a couple posters
And a model Testarossa
Maybe this will bring us closer
In Rotterdam I toast mimosa
Me and Rhoda, rub my shoulder
I gave her a little cobra
I found her shirt in the sofa
Back to you: I'm Kaiser Soze
In my dream thought you were Rhoda
I make dinner: yakisoba
Purple posters, Testarossa
Don't all this shit bring us closer?
Won't all this shit bring us closer?

I told you once, I told you twice
Sweetie pie, I'm cold as ice
I've gotta catch this flight
You say I'm a ghost, well you're not quite
I'm a poltergeist

Back home:
Gifts I've sent of socks
Are standing by the door
Rhoda's back in school
I receive my new ID
I have these model cars
Where's my gentle crone?
Vanished with my phone
In my pockets: crumbled scones
I'm a poltergeist

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