[Ben Franklin (Chorus)]
I love it when we fuss and fight then we make up and we fuck all night. Cant Let You Go, Cant Let You Go
I ride for you, you ride for me its whatever girl your down for the team
Cant Let You Go, Cant Let You Go Oh no.

Look into your eyes, paralyzed by the feeling
sometimes I dream about you by my side, I'm incoherent
line of woman wait on standby, fuck em let em air dry
none will ever measure up, stilettos with their hair tied
I know I told you attachments are for the weak.
but I'll love you till they spread my ashes to the sea
never pictured me tied down in no matrimony
but you turned me inside out, now my tags showing
got my focus even if shortie ass showing
I'ma ice you down until that sexy ass frozen
melt ya heart like its lava to a polar cap
I'ma man of action not just words girl, I'll show you that.
soldier to this love shit
prisoner to your seduction
minister to your temple
sinister when I'm Loving
wrap your finger with Karats, like im feeding a bunny
when you get old and fat, tell you you look beautiful honey ah..


You say you need it real, I say it never fails
your beauty keeps me blinded, emotions laced in braille
I give you gifts and flowers, you capture me with spells
trapped by your gorgeous power, captivated by the smell
happiness alluded me like leprechauns and lucky charms
passion included me to take your arm and carry on
my friends would tell me I was tossed for crazing your attention
your friends would tell you was lost beyond the phase of interest
woman you got me crazed, out here chaotic dumb,
we play erotic games, climatic one on ones
love it when you call my name every time I turn you on
That pussy's off the chain, that head game is da' bomb
see loves a battlefield and I'm prepared to go to war
full metal jacket and i'm dedicated to the core
till we establish 7 karats or a little more,
I'm talking marriage, baby carriage plus an encore

You know I ain't with that unnecessary drama
only deal with one crazy bitch, my baby mamma
try to get up under my skin like scabies or something
somebody bound to wind up like Dick Cheney went hunting.
All this fussing complaining, rather than fucking my lady
top of the hood of Mercedes, only back and forth we do lately
is argue over everything like two parties debating
your boi been getting no play like Ray Rice for them Ravens
Her body amazing like taking Molly I'm aching
gotta say sorry with a bottle of Rose and some flower arrangements
I love all her faces, I'ma start at the navel
migrate down south travel past the equator
pull down on them laces, yeah that's the face that i'm loving
she boutta explode, spontaneous combustion
just preheating the oven, girl you know its nothing
its like Night and Day baby, just keep cumming and cumming and coming.


Ben Franklin (Bridge)
I don't know what you do to me, Im a fiend for your love
without you it would ruin me, I'll be a fool to give you up
but I love you I love you I love you baby
Cant let you go
Cant let you go oh no...

Nunz ,Bias, Night and Day, Ben Franklin Ha!

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Can't Let You Go (feat. Ben Franklin) song meanings
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