That one time that I looked at you, you said "My, your pupils grow so big!"
That's because they're making room to fit all of you in
Now your taste is painted on the inside of my eyelids
and I can't close my eyes, I can't go to sleep
I can't chew and swallow without remembering
digesting you that Alabama morning

I was hours behind, so you said you would describe
just how the sun would set, so I'd know what to expect
You say things I never thought I'd ever want to hear,
now your words are playing over and over in my ears

What if the sun shot an arrow and it speared you in the gut?
Could I take your intestines and make them into strings,
and stretch them over your hollow bones?
If I plucked, if I strummed, would you make a sound?

We barely slept the night we met, twelve hours to get to know before I had to hit the road
Since then just some thoughts of skin but I can feel my teeth sink in
I bite down, I rip, I tear, I chew you up but swallow air
I could have sworn that you were there

My breath passes through my throat and out across my teeth
My tongue makes shapes and words come out but they're not what I mean
Two thousand three hundred forty eight miles between, one week, two weeks, three,
this trail of crumbs will come to an end and my stomach will start grumbling again


Every hour I'm seventy miles further away from believing it's real
but my calloused finger tips remember your corduroy
Right now I can't feel your skin but I can feel your grip
You said you'd like to eat me up but not if I get you first

And then the sun shot an arrow and it speared you in the gut
I took your intestines and made them into strings
and stretched them over your hollow bones
and I plucked and I strummed, but you made no sound
and I plucked and I strummed, but you made no sound

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