"Decks Dark" as written by and Jonathan Greenwood Colin Greenwood....
And in your life, there comes the darkness
This spacecraft blocking out the sky
And there's nowhere to hide
You run to the back and you cover your ears
But it's the loudest sound you've ever heard
Now we're trapped, we're dark cloud's people
We are helpless to resist
In your darkest hour

But it was just a lie, just a lie
Just a lie, just a lie
Even at this angle
And so we crumble
Still turning heads, you know where it's at
This dread still covers us
You gotta be kidding me
The grass grows over me
Your face in the glass, and it's dark now
It was just a laugh, it was just a laugh
It's whatever you say it is
Split infinite

And in your life, there comes a darkness
And a spacecraft blocking out the sky
And there's nowhere to hide
You run to the back and you cover your ears
It's the loudest sound you've ever heard
In your darkest hour

If you had another one
If you had another name
So dark

We will never, never know
We will never, never know
So dark
So dark
So dark
So dark

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"Decks Dark" as written by Jonathan Greenwood Colin Greenwood

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    My InterpretationSo the beauty of a great song is that it can mean different things to different people depending on their life experiences. To me this song is about a person,for me a guy, who comes upon a situation that suddenly explodes his life. I envision him at a party or social event where he looks through a glass window and sees his girl laughing as she converses with some other guy. She is very engaged with this person and my interpretation is that he understands it's over for them. Every thing is going dark for him. A panic is overtaking him and a noise is growing inside his head. He can hear nothing else in the room. With the panic he quickly moves to the back of the room but the sound in his head is exploding. Things are now totally black thus the metaphor of a spaceship completely blocking out the whole sky. I also feel like this has happened before and he has confronted her but she always downplays it--"it was just a laugh". Like , what are you making such a big deal about it. But in this situation, it's just too obvious to him that it's over---"when you had enough of me"----sweet dark. I'm sure there are hundreds of interpretations but for me this works.
    Alvin56on August 08, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the spaceship is a vinyl record… why else would it be called ‘Decks Dark’? Turntables! Reread the lyrics in this context and it has yet another meaning; as music fans, we all worship great music and kneel before its power. This is just as much about one’s intimate experience with music as it is imagining others experiencing their music, alternatively. He is both the alien ‘spacecraft’ and the ‘helpless to resist’. From this pov, it’s an ode to those who bury themselves in music, and allow it to take them away. You ‘cover your ears’ with headphones.. a face in the glass could easily be a bandmate in the studio, haha. I think the ‘alien’ thread running through the album is Thom consciously trying to flip around the ‘alienating’ label that is constantly pasted on him in a sardonic, satirical way; ‘Desert Island Disk’ does it even more literally—another reference to vinyl. The album is just a broad, beautifully maximalist stroke, which starkly contrasts the pure musicianship of say, ‘In Rainbows’. I hope it's not their farewell.
    maniacafrodisiacon May 21, 2016   Link
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    General CommentIt is clearly a song about depression. If you have been there you will recognise a lot of the feelings you have had in the 'darkest hour'
    Trepellafon July 14, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI can't stop wondering why Decks Dark and Subterranean Homesick Alien are both the third track on their albums and have references to aliens/spaceships.
    DarkrootOwlon July 24, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationHow horrible it is when one realizes this is all we've got forever and ever without at least knowing why? Life...
    ConiSchon July 27, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it mentions the planet earth as the only landscape we'll ever know, humans are as dolls knowing that they'll never know what's the "meaning" of this life or what else to do... And believes "The Creator" makes this human existence a joke, till he has nothing else for us so "when you've had enough of me" he'd kill us ...?
    ConiSchon July 27, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationAfter the news of the death of Rachel Owen, long time partner of Thom Yorke, the song reads like a very personal farewell after the news of her inevitable death. On the printed "lyrics" in the album box set, some alternative additional lyrics are included that are even more explicit. E.g. "You are terminal, and you are within me // You will get your reward in heaven" (see s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/centaur-wp/creativereview/prod/content/uploads/2017/01/…)
    elmarjon January 05, 2017   Link

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