One man's moral compass shatters
the whole world soon follows suit

As conscience fades, becomes a distant memory
the Id usurps control

a volcanic burst of rage
The monster within grows beyond all restraint

destrudo and disgust are all that remain
in what was once the heart of man

as I stand with my pulse racing
over tattered piles of flesh, the eyes of the world shall watch

How easily I corrupt their fragile minds
Distort for purposes too grand to comprehend
Messiah of a sociopathic creed
I bend them to my monstrous whims and heinous ends

No living witnesses remain
to crimes too hideous to describe
for every atrocity committed in my name
another awaits not far behind

This compulsion
it's a beast,
a monster born without a name

it hid inside me
lay dormant for years
awakened by the scent of anger and shame

It devoured my mind from the inside
dragging the superego to its grave

It now seeks complete domination
render the world in its image
as chaos enslaves

Like a curious child
crushing a line of ants
I observe in fascination

the terror I leave in my wake
the crumbling foundations of all man has built

The monster inside me
has grown to obscene proportions
it hungers for abnegation

None who knew my name
none who've seen my face
can be allowed to live

In time, it will claim my life, I know
but with the mission to delete all knowledge of mercy and honor, I have been bestowed...

The sociopath's mission is never complete
The monster cannot sated until the world burns
The superego shall be purged from man's collective memory
The age of Gomorrah has dawned, the nihilist reigns supreme!

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Defeat of the SuperEgo song meanings
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