Rapacious invaders trespass on our lands
Centurions decked with imperial regalia
A phalanx of soldiers, nobility bestowed from on high
driven to conquer and subjugate

Impose an era of suffering
Upon our land - blight and disease
Drive us from our native soil
we shall not submit to enslavement

Imperial creeds imposed at the edge of a blade
A hollow nobility, arrogant and disaffected
power and prestige, their only desire in this world
enforce their supremacy, slaughter all who oppose

Our fortress stands gleaming
in the desert of our ancestors
our final bastion
against the encroaching hordes of Europa

Impose an era of suffering
Upon our land - blight and disease
Drive us from our native soil
won't acquiesce to their greed

Circumvention is built
Supply lines are cut
Soon the starvation begins
This fortress is destined to burn

this is sacrilege
this is genocide
this is the beginning of the end
for our tribe

In pandemic bloodshed and flame
the fortress engulfed
this is the last stand of heroes and martyrs
the heavens shall echo our cries

Better to die on your feet
than to live on your knees
their ruthless megalomania
won't place us in chains
In an affront to their greed
We'll set our own lands ablaze
Blessed is our resistance
though we cast off this mortal coil - once and for all

The hollow foundation of this empire
Under the weight of its yoke shall give way.
Suffuse with the spoils of its conquest
Europa shall burn and decay

For centuries hence, the hordes of Europa
embark on excursions
of pure genocide
trampling old cultures,
extinguishing countless populations
no regard for justice
or values they claim to espouse

Rapacious invaders drop anchor upon our shores
conquistadors bearing the sign of the cross
a squadron of galleys, hauling the instruments of empire
driven to conquer and subjugate

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