Yeah, yeah

The reason that I'm not a nihilist
Is some day I wanna live like in Star Trek
And I know that we'll never build starships
Until we tackle poverty, war, and hardship

So we fight overnight and over lifetimes
Organize for that warp drive
And of course I realize
That we're a long way from it
But what better reason to start runnin'?

Cause if you're gonna do the work then it's gotta be honest
Because the best of us have all already been forgotten
And if you're in it for the recognition
I hate to disappoint but if you do it right you'll never get it

Yo, we don't remember the farmer
We remember the fruit
Don't remember the inventor
We remember the boom
The impact through the eons
So I know what side of history I wanna be on

I got a lotta ancestors on my side
Got a ancestor took an arrow to the chest and survived
I got an ancestor who cheated and lied
I got an ancestor who taught her children how to fight


So much spirit in my corner
Can't help but color outside every border
To every ancestor who kept my song alive
I swear on your unmarked graves
I will sing it 'til I die

No friction; no flame
No struggle; no progress
No sweat
How many times do we have to win
'Til you realize that we are not lost yet? [x2]

What is it, yeah?

What is it?
If it ain't somethin'
Then it's the other thing
It's bothering me
How could the oracle
Most rhetorical [?]
Once there was no need
For no money, no greed
Only prophecy, shit

I'm inspired by this openness in other matters
We met the wall and hope it shatters
Into a thousand pieces
Enemy of the state is what I became
Wearing Patti Smith's mortal shoes

Rock and roll nigga, I became, become
Why am I the only one who looks different?
Paint me as the new [?]
If I had it my way Minneapolis would be Piss Christ
Spinning in hell with the lakes
No one knows the names of and if you do
You have too much time on your fuckin' hands
That's why you pace about the room trying not to give a damn

I'm kicking down the door
Like I did inside the womb
Pause 'til the interlude
There's something funky to you
Forget what you thought you knew
Cause none of that bullshit will serve you
I'll be there in due time
Until then...

No friction; no flame
No struggle; no progress
No sweat
How many times do we have to win
'Til you realize that we are not lost yet? [x2]

There are no stories told in a vacuum
There is no prophecy lighting our way
There is just a lot of darkness to be afraid of
So it's a good thing we are not afraid

There is no Superman in that phone booth
There is no rewarding our faith
There is no one who can save us
So it's a good thing we don't need to be saved

There are no starships in low earth orbit
No aliens to save us from ourselves
There is no voice willing to speak for us
So it's a good thing we know how to yell

There is no chosen one, no destiny, no fate
There is no such thing as magic
There is no light at the end of this tunnel
So it's a good thing we brought matches

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