"Stranded" as written by and Mario Francois Duplantier Joseph Andrew Duplantier....
A growing sickness in the heart
Defective, lack of control
The cure is somewhere in the silence
But I'm crushed by the noise inside

Don't lock the door on me
You'd kill me, face down, dead
Another part of me falls for you

Another day in the dark
Stranded in the night
Stranded in the cold

Don't lock the door on me
You'd kill me, face down, dead
Another part of you gone to waste
Please hear me out
You'd kill me, face down, dead
Another day in the dark

Leave the moment alone
Leave the moment alone

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    My InterpretationAs I comment on this, the album is still yet to be released, set for June 17 and it's currently mid April. I believe much of the album is about Joe and Mario dealing with the death of their mother. And, not reading into it too much, I believe that is what this first single is about.

    Perhaps in the beginning, finding out the diagnosis and feeling like there is nothing you can do.
    “A growing sickness in the heart
    Defective, lack of control
    The cure is somewhere in the silence”

    And possibly the final lines of the song are the release of death, how you may be surrounded by loved ones, but you are passing all alone, by yourself.
    “Leave the moment alone”

    Again, this really is just a scratching the surface type of interpretation, but my guess is it's dealing with the death of their mother.
    Passenger146on April 22, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me this song is some rebellious part of myself ("Another part of you ...") talking to the "conventional" me I only allow myself to be henceforth ("... gone to waste"). The rebellious part, left in the shadows, in the cold and the night for the conventional/social me to "fit in" the rest of society, is reminding me of my righteous anger and desire to destroy or at least cause damage to a corrupt system I once had the will to fight against, and not become a slave to.

    This rebellious persona has been stabbed in the back, treacherously by this coward who wants to "fit in" ("You killed me faced down dead"), but there is still a fraction of hope, as he says "Don't lock the door on me" : the door is still open and the imprisoned anger (you can see a man behind bars in the clip) can still be unleashed and channelled, also "Another part of me falls for you" : while this rebel is alive it will carry on feeding the existence of the conventional me and not let him feel comfortable being a happy little slave.
    sylvainsabon May 08, 2016   Link
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    General CommentTo me it sounds like someone who's battling mental illness (growing sickness...The cure is somewhere in the silence, But I'm crushed by the noise inside...), who needs the support of people around him, but doesn't really get it.
    yronnenon December 08, 2016   Link
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    MemorySo recently I've had really bad depression, almost killed myself 3 times this week. I got to talking about it with one of my friends (I have feelings for her, and she knows it) and i got so caught up in the moment that i took it out on her. I'll show her this song and I hope it can describe how i feel better than I can. Glad to hear bands make music to show emotion better than i can describe it. Great album as well.
    gayballson December 29, 2016   Link
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    General CommentIf you look at the music video of the song and compare the lyrics, it's a very twisted love song about a posessed girl falling in love on a normal guy. "A growing sickness in the heart.." looking at the music video, this girl is mentally completely out of it. And it gets worse. "Distinctive lack of control.." She can't control whatever is possessing her or the feelings she's getting. "The cure is somewhere in the silence, but i'm crushed by the noise inside.." She hopes the guy feels the same, but due to him being silent, she can't get the cure for this madness. And all the noise inside of her, is making her go more crazy.

    Now the chorus:

    He locks her out and this hurts her even more and by locking her out, she feels she is dying even more on the inside.

    "Stranded in the dark, no, no. Stranded in the night, stranded in the cold.."

    He basically leaves her in her state of darkness and depression and leaves her stranded cold.

    "Leave the moment alone..."

    What she feels when she is with him, is amazing to her and she doesn't want anything to change that moment.
    BatBiteon April 17, 2017   Link

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