Turn the volume up if you'd like, so everyone can hear

How would ya like to come for
A trip inside my brain?
It's nice and cozy in here
We'll have a great time
I won't think any unpleasant thoughts

What would ya do if you could shrink yourself right down
Step through my ear
And jump into my head?
Would you take one peek
And jump right back out again?
Would you yell
And listen for an echo?
Or would you climb deep inside
And examine every crevice?

Would you look for yourself inside my brain?
Would you take a bite out of my brain to hurt me?
Or would you take a bite to make my thoughts a part of you?
Would you tiptoe on my brain?
Or drag your heels across my brain?
Or stomp around on my brain?
Would you relieve yourself on my brain?
From what orifice?
Would you punch and kick my brain
Or hug and kiss my brain?
Would your presence in my brain give me a headache?
Or would my brain throb in orgasmic relief
Thinking, "Someone in this world can finally understand me"?
Or, despite your very presence inside me, would I still feel alone?
And even worse
Would you learn things about me that I don't even know about myself?
I could never trust you again if that happened!
I'd pester you to tell me about myself
But I'd never really know if you were telling the truth

Then, what would happen when you climbed back out, returned to normal size, and went back home?
Would you scrub yourself with a wire brush
Or light some candles and take a bubble bath?
Would you make yourself vomit
And rid yourself of the thoughts you swallowed?
Or would you wish you had taken an even bigger bite of my brain?
What would happen after you had time to ponder your exploration?
Would you want to be my friend?
Would you want to be my lover?
Would you want to have me committed?
Would you try to hurt me?
Or kill me?
Would you want to buy all my art?
Would you become a vegan like me?
Would you feel indifferent towards me?
Or would you want us to help each other make all our dreams come true?

I'd like to think that if you explored every crevice of my brain
Some pressure would be relieved inside my head
If just one person could really understand me
I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed
By all of the thoughts I need to express
I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed
By all of the art I need to create
I wouldn't feel so alone
I'd like to think that after you explored my brain
We'd have a cold glass of soy beverage
And have a fun chat about everything
Then, maybe I could shrink down and see your brain

I'd explore every crevice
I'd tiptoe gently and tell you everything I learned
Unless I learned something you really wouldn't want to know
After I got back out of your head
I'd digest what I learned
Then I'd start painting
I'd start writing
I'd become infatuated with expressing my newfound knowledge
Through some new art
I'd sit in my room all alone and create
After all, that's what artists do

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