Do you feel to blame? You people have done everything to me
It gives me equal right, I will do whatever,
whenever I like
Maybe I didn't do enough, that's why I should feel ashamed
I should've killed 400 more, maybe then you could
ask who's to blame

Psychosis, minds melting in a pool of speed and LSD
Drawn together, roaming as the Manson family
War is coming, and the spark shall come for us
Racial hatred, feeding the impending holocaust

Die! Pigs!

Drug fuelled sex, erupting into rage and brutal violence
Slaughter the pigs and it will all begin

Long dive into depravity. Full force insanity

Taken hostage, bound at the feet and screaming terrified
Unborn child is killed in a frenzied knife attack
Strangled half to death and stabbed many times as they try to hide
Tortured then plunged into darkness, bleeding left there to die

Die! Pigs!

Back at the ranch now, the blood drunk return. Manson applauding, "There's crack
here to burn." Long dive into depravity. Full force insanity

Hearts racing from the bloodshed. Pounding from the kill
Caught in a web of conspiracy, unfolding right before their eyes
If you're gonna do something, make sure it looks 'witchy'
Mad demands from the main madman. The flock will graze on fields of blood

Have you seen the fuckers? Crawling in the dirt
Soon for all the piggies, life is getting worse
In my eyes, they're just too willing, what they need's a damn good killing

Haven't done enough, more to catch their eyes
We need carnage of a king that will paralyse

With the bayonet pushing down, driven through his throat
Carving war in his chest, cutting ribbons in his flesh
Now the whore has her turn, make her wish that she was dead
Severed spine and lacerations running down her legs
Leave the blade stuck in, let's get high
Helter skelter, rise, bleed them dry

Crazed on drugs and blood still racing from the thrill of the kill
Drenched in gore, but still thirsting, do I dare to give them more?
Go my friends, kill for me

Steep climb to reality, lost for eternity

Lyrics submitted by Opethfanatic89

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