[Verse I: Vordul Mega]
Mechanized is mega nice
Where corner stores have front porches you can take photos of
Broken 40's and empty boxes of Mike and Ikes
Young kids wearing all types of designer Nikes
Riding on bikes with those lightning lime in clothes tucked inside
With more broccoli and chocolate in small zips of Duncan Hines
Cutting wires
Laced with fiber goggles
We were stealing gauze
Coming out of schools
Ringing alarms
So wetting teachers with Super Soakers
And doing the motions
Metal detectors were developed
In the event with kids really bringing in arms
Days cutting, seeing brothers swinging their little siblings in parks
We was in watching their little feet dangling in excitement
And when the cops came
You would swear that front of our gear, on our chest a small symbol of lightening
Nights wind blowing like a hawk
Battling with the dark
Night vision installed
You swear that front of our guild
On the trust of a small symbol of lightening

[Verse II: Vast Aire]
I'm so brown
I might be the color blue
The shade of the color of night is my hue
I am the axis that all men thought he knew
My magnetism binds like a glue
Boo (boo)
I am not a spook
When the smoke disappears show me a tree without a root
These girls is like Frankenstein
They got fake hair, fake nails, and monster behinds
I was in the cave with Jibrīl and the spider
You was in the cave on all fours looking for fire
That's right I fight cavemen
Cause I am the original seed of Abraham
React now
I got a two piece like Pacquiao in the dead on winter
My two steps like Mayweather
My forearms is like Foreman
Swing at your grill with the weight of four men
My uptown anthem is known to make downtown niggas throw tantrums
My uptown anthem is known to make downtown niggas throw tantrums
Yo, yo

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