I said no matter how big they are
Never let 'em push you around
You are the thunder in July

[Verse 1: Swave Sevah]
I just bought a new toy
Fresh out the box, nice stock
New barrel smell
Fresher than a car straight off the lot
Punks jump up to get beat down
Now they getting' popped
Niggas don't fight
So my clip keep rounds filled to the top
For you froggy niggas
If you leap
We be the godly scriptures
That guide you on your way
To meet your spiritual father figure
No one to carry
Pall bearers gone with you
Fill the wake full of screams
And turn the scene into a horror picture
You ever dance with the devil
Under a pale moonlight
While big brother's eyes watching'
I'm mobbin' through the street
Wild deep
With a clique full of goons
Gargoyles and goblins
No way
Fast movements
Triggered by severed thoughts
Could create mad bruises
Delivered from mega force (get it)
Do the knowledge
The thunder will form
If you can't weather the storm
Then you the target

(Sure you don't think you can escape from this)

[Verse 2: Vast Aire]
Don't ask why
There's thunder in July
When I speak
You gon' hear thunder in the sky
When I speak
She gon' look me right in the eye
And when I'm done
Imma slide my hand on her thigh
Islam is math
So I study pi
Either you did or didn't
There is no try
When you reap what you sow
You don't act shy
Go, go fire bird
Never die
Black butterfly
Smoking with caterpillars
Chasing them white rabbits
My style is beyond cloud nine
Such heavenly habits

No matter how small you are
Never let them put you down
I said no matter how big they are
Never let them push you around
You are the thunder in July

[Verse 3: Vordul Mega]
Long in the state drama
Leading past
Skating the beaten path
Feeling out of touch
Reaching out
Knowing a lot of us
Speak aroused
Especially if you
Can read in between the lines
Some exude a confidence
Exhibited from a place
We define
We advise
Seeing life
More than just a streak of light
Even when it seems like
The worlds small
Looking for
With a scene of skies
In a right frame of mind
And everything existing around us
Reflective of what's deep inside
Newly enhanced thoughts
Traveling ideas to action
Bear witness to what motivation materializes
Listening to rain pouring
Sounds emanating and resonate
Like is this wrong


[Verse 4: Elohem Star]
I take my time
When entering certain chambers
The force of sonics
Means you headed for sudden dangers
I walk through times zones
With the use of vibrations
And levitate with Laghima
On ascensions and elevations
We galactic celestial blade of ronin constellations
That tilt your trajectory
Into comets placement adjacent
Cobblestone monotone
The earth is my kinda home
Thoughts expand the universe
Through this galaxy we roam
Infinite influential
Kinetic on instrumentals
We the truth of the light
In a square no need for credentials
We protons with atomic potential
Exceed levels beyond what you could fathom
This is what resides in the center of the atom

No matter how small you are
Never let them put you down
I said no matter how big they are
Never let them push you around

You are the thunder in July (repeat)

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