Verse 1:

First off, I send love to Lupe
For giving us hope in this Lakota Sioux way
All Red Everything/ Red Nation Rising
Revising our story they’re televising
Child of the Plains, I see 20/20
Poverty porn TV pimps us for money
Tell Dianne Sawyer I am a warrior
Give me your camera, send Peltier your lawyer
Free all my people get them our of prison
Take them to Sundance show them how we’re livin’
Give youth an outlet, disadvantaged prodigies
Feed these Republicans all our commodities
Put them on the rez from the day they’re born
They won’t survive cuz their cancer is airborne
Put them in our schools, put them in our shoes
Take away their money and give them our blues
(RED) Make everything Red
Words of my ancestors up in my head
Food for thought, our kids underfed
Your oil is mud, they want the earth dead


Oil 4 Blood
Oil 4 Blood
Making you rich, you soil my love
Oil 4 Blood
Oil 4 Blood
My Mother is clean, that oil is mud
(Keystone) Everything’s RED
(Pipeline) Now everything’s dead
(Keystone) Everything’s RED
(Pipeline) Now everything’s dead

Verse 2:

I can’t afford to leave the rez
The government has got me trapped
Our leadership need a tip and most my tribal leaders wack
But they don’t wanna hear that, they just wanna chill
I’m sick, I’ll go to IHS and get a pill (FOR REAL?)
Like a song without a title
Feel forgotten like slaves picking the cotton
Forever tribal with no connection to the bible
Plottin’, people rotten, sometimes I’m suicidal
Feeling like No Exit, Generation X shit
Text messages and sex, what I connect with
Technology, get this world to acknowledge me
My ancestors studied numbers and astrology
Lakota philosophy, keep them haters off of me
Keystone XL, you smell like an atrocity
To my home and my ancestors I am loyal
Build that pipeline and I’m burning down your oil


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Oil 4 Blood (All Red Everything) song meanings
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