One time, for my people one time
This is our time, this is our shine
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh

Verse 1:
Musical vigilante, I pray they understand me
I took my pain and then I turned that shit into a NAMMY
I do this for my momma, I'm rapping for my granny
I'll take a Native story, turn that shit into a GRAMMY

Musical alchemy, I see the world in panoramic
Young, educated Native make a White Man panic
Lakota lead a white? The Government would shot me
They treated our chiefs the same way that they treat Gaddafi

And no, I ain't a copy. Rapping is not a hobby
I am not the exception, I'd never been a probably (?)
I'm aiming for their heart, even if my bow is wobbly
We'll storm the White House, have a Nake concert in the lobby

I let my grades sway, before my culture die
I let my heart bleed, I consult the sky
I ask my grandfather "Why?" as I say my cry
They say "Lakota boy, time to defend or die!"

(Cody Blackbird singing Native, flutes)
Please take me home, while my people die
My heart beats on, oh father hear my cry

One more time, I'm going in
Yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
I was born red, stained with the blood of genocide
Now all mascots the only way that I'm identified
Blackhawk, Red Skin, the image of our dead men
Dressed in the headdress, my people it's depressing

Addressing our ills, I want my Black Hills back
The Government wants me dead, but I never will crack
Feel that, you all feeling like it's our time?

I'm praying for the knowledge to make it through college
With the world on my back, yo the challenge is ours
The path will be found for those who stray
And the answers will come to those who pray

It's like, damn, tell my why we rape our women?
Degrade our women? And forsake our living?
My mama raised me all by herself
I think of her struggle, and I find a reason for help

Reason to live when my people are my reason to die
I'm tryna fight cause our ails are my reason to cry
Reason for life? I ain't got a reason to lose
Because my motivation is the same reason they boost

Reasons why? Put 'em high
Put your bows up
All my real rappers for the people
Put your flows up

It's time to grow up
It's time to understand
(Unknown line)
I am your common man


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