You and I
Could be entwined in love for the rest of our lives
And yet I can't begin
To utter words of my affection within (to you)

But love always finds a way to speak out
I'll write the words I can't form with my mouth
And I'll wait for you to change your mind
And to find - find the love you keep inside

I'll write you these letters that speak straight from my heart
I'll tell you my secrets and share all my dreams with you
But love is lost on you, as it seems
So I try to move on, but still
Your familiar face lingers around

You should be
Composing symphonies of love with me
And yet it's he and not me
This world was meant for only two and not three (two, not three)

I suppose it isn't your fault you don't care (not your fault you don't care)
'Cause no one said that this life would be fair
But when you scatter these letters across my heart ('cross his heart)
You leave (him) - leave me with a burning scar

I wrote you these letters that spoke straight from my heart
I told you my secrets and shared all my dreams with you
But love is meaningless, as it seems
So I try to move on, but still
Your familiar face lingers around

You will never understand what
It is like to be torn down and forgot
To live life ever needing what
Will forever be outside of your clutch
You have left me alone with my mind
You have left me to discover my sinister side

But still, your familiar face lingers around...

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    Song FactBands comment on how this song fits the rest of the concept album "Quiet World":

    "Your Familiar Face," which steps out of this world for a moment to give a closer look at the events prior to the first track and the tragedy of Sinister Silence."
    sokornyon January 26, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationTells the story of a man in love with a woman, who is already in a relationship.

    That doesn't deter the teller though, they are sure that the woman will eventually realise that he is best for her (not her current beau).

    However about 3 minutes in the tone of song (music and lyrics) take a turn, where he has been rejected by her ... and he is left to discover his "sinister side" (which becomes his nickname that the people in his imagined world give him "Sinister Silence").

    There are also clues throughout that he is mute ... but I feel that the story told is one that people can relate to without the actual album's concept. Personally I was involved in a relationship where I got really close to my best friends girl (we actually loved each other ... but never did anything about it, in essence we both remained "mute" about our love).
    sokornyon January 29, 2016   Link

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