Verse1. These punkz wanna steal the shine off my star cuz I'm way to hard I been there I done it all in the game I'm way to fair in God's deck of life I'm the Joker Card I'm the Kamelion from East L.A 213 click up with the Queen in chess and Mystique we pushing the Raw we perving off that Wild Turkeyz I get bitchez so wet I got um creaming clam chowder after I take a sip of some Christian Brothers I'll have you turning Christian and crying to yo Mother this is trigger nation I fucc a trick to standing ovation it's me and my made men from the kill gang click we flossing big faces yeah we made it these punk ass niggaz hate it but you know the hunger foe more is burning deep inside we craving still paper chasing I'll never turn on my truest friendz foe them dead presidents I'd rather rot in a grave made foe a snitch rule number one never rank like a bitch take off on a nigga quick as his face twitch don't even need to mad dawg I'll still maim you like a raging pit war story trading just to feel alive and exist this Thuglife ride or die your life or mines I was made for this shit soon as I spray and spit you gotta get paved and ripped this is how the street code goes I live and die foe L.A click
Verse2. My mind is a Killer Bee Hive they always swarming inside they feeding me that poison honey it's like cocaine laced on my spine leaving me feeling less and at times my so called emotions numb and cold I'm Candyman I'm also dull cuz my soul is coked up from all of that pure Alpine snow Grandmaster Flash white lines track ain't got nothing on my crack stacks which enable me to get fat racks my powder and rock vials get me them big cash piles that pass the outer limits of space by miles and miles fucc going to trial I got the Judge hanging by my strings I'm his puppet master I'm that thug nigga that always get rid of the dirty throw away ghetto blasters fucc a studio pranksta story book fairy tale gangsta I'm never no fuccing actor but give me a lot of money you can film me best believe I'll act up in the hood I'm always sacced up known as mista brown thumb cuz I stay wit that hash and resin by the tons I capitol B in Bud everytime niggaz see me they be like where's the drugs I smoke so much purple kush Mc Donald's Grimace is my tongue say what say what say what say what widget the world watcher's head looks like one of my taste buds

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