I turn the Monopoly into Stereopoly-fully auto streams-my manually-just fully automatic see-to man for your team-this VSTopoly-fully dynamics Gee-you'll die namically-soon as you hear the LEAN-it's them Foreverclear streams-we keep it clean like Poperee-you lames keelp it dirty like Pooperee-from A P.I.M.P to a Butterfly-from a catapillar green eating gutter guy-addicted to fast cash & Green Hash-cat peeling & sacc dealing-but remetamorphasized to a better life-as a Pappilon Butterfly-no one could imagine the span of it's wings-due to the cocoon effect the haters bring-pushed under the meet ya maker scene-better then nader bing-where fakers sing-just to try to make it & breathe-a gem trader is iffy-not to be genuine with the craft & things-switcharoo-flip on you-like a dirty bitch do-snitcharoo-flip on you-right bacc to da cocoon-of eternal doom-where silence is booms-of cursed solitude-not even the noisy ear hustling snitches & rats can hear you-entombed-in a tomb-of no tunes-no music for KazeLoon-what jealous conspires love to resume-so I can't exhume-the Joker Venom fumes-dat melt fools-of no tools-no rules-played by other goons-to be out goon-other goons-just to be out gooned-before to soon-Stereopoly-radiates thru da Metropoly-stale is Retropoly-when not with the Third Eye prohecy-define the sound properly?-question the Monopoly-I could of owned Boardwalk-but instead I was bored so I walked-could of owned Park Place-but instead I parked in a place-of harm & strange-where it's armed & deranged-money can't buy this title-no matter how viral-money can't buy my Messiah-he's not for sale like a cracc vial-you lack files-but realize that after a while-it traces bacc to da Green Isle-where ya prayed my crates where like Gilligan's-tryna snitch on me & frame me like Gil again-& the mailroom lady-illegal search & seizure while I was in Tracy K-Wing-I was forced to take a plea or maybe suffer for a eternity-in Da Pen the burning city-where fire feels good-& everyones from C.D.C the same hood-then came the R like the Z-new streams sound like fake money-on some Rack City-it lacks the metal on the bunks with pity-it lacks the realness-the prison feelness-of the cold prison stealeness-Rack City fake like Monopoly money with no mono-no sound let alone Stereopoly the real sounds from Da Town-tamed niggaz looking like couta no kentay-cuz we whupped they ass everyday all day-like a slave-who stole plates-so jankay-it's like the Devil's trickery-like K-Cal 9 showing Thunder Mountain but it looks to slick to me-it looks real safe & friendly-then I went on the ride & it was faster & more scary-unsafe like Death Mountain with no seatbelts-Ima O.D Stegasaurus you a Arizona Razorback rookie-we be slanging Bed Rock cookies-they Chocalate Thai & Rainbow Kushy-dats them Chocolate & Fruity Pebbles-we know you don't want no problems keep it like that-we will pop up on you looking like the Dominoe Noid real fast-in prison you gotta be cool with peeps-you could be the coolest brotha but lose favor with the wrong Big Homie-you gonna be a lot more cooler then you wanted to be-on froze in the morgue on deep freeze-prison ain't no game-real talk no lames-prison is made for the hooked up cats-if you ain't you just fish you better learn how to adapt-and swim with the sharks fast-or be the next catch-you better learn how to get hooked up-or like jail bail you will get hooked up-or you'll be left out loc like Ray Jackson-LOL Frown Face only highlights is March Madness-and when you don't get picked up it's eternal heart sadness-done by your own kind-tone down the Stereolopy-keep it Monopoly-or mute cuz G-Code is the policy-in the can it's hot we live in a retort-boiling all the time in the 180 & 270 Level 4-niggaz is hot heads walking tempered metal swords-

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