Humping like Marsupials in mate season-will have you very stupid yall your immune system will be Aids believe may-14 hours a day-I'd rather get my Acorn Worm wet-even tho it's as wet-as it can get-but yet-my Sea Hag turns into the wicked witch from the WEST-and melts when I deliver it-straight 2 her doorstep-one of a kind we get it hopping-like Blue Leopard Frogz luccy 4 our blessed offspring-we laugh at the face of adversity-subtract your face 4 tryna adverse my city-now dey so thirsty-I got 2 diccs-she wanna rub them like 2 sticcs-and blow on da leaves and start a fire-stupid goons-will trust you-because you from they hood or wear red or blue-those will be the first to set you up and pull a gank move-swoop up on what you got cuz they know you-there not gonna bring all day for you-if they could pin it on you they would-it's suicide sex life with a breeze in da hood-baccdoor lil joe always open-you gotta be extra careful scoping-watching out for da thirsty vultures hoping-and you want Rhinoplasty for your freak-why? so another rhino could ram her & leave ya deceased-it's like eating Black Rhino's 223's-as your wheaties-on da daily-that are extra scuddy-you trusting a my buddy-that's really a my chucky-tryna make ya child's play-cut ya up into chicken chowmein-pump ya up like a chicken then slay-I made her scream when I cream so loud-she took the 9th planet Pluto out-with her big ass mouth-dat I trilled out-Kalico Kid gave her dat custom gold grill now-I'm in a hurry to get fried & high like Zangara-my 32 caliber lighter make I spark like there is no tomorrow-you wanna be a rebel? rebel against these knuccles-you'll be rebull-ain't no pretty bulls-wanna even look at you-my top weinah dawg make Hello Kitty go bye bye-keep your mind right-keep a rubber on your smoking gun-or it's Russian Roulette then it's no more fun-once you catch a deadly disease-like catching this left from a Westside King-like here's your T-Shirt World bacc-coward ass niggaz don't wanna catch a fade I been put em on blast-I took they T-shirts to the Garment District & cashed dat-hooks catch a hook-now you chum on da hook-bust your head like a nut-when I slug you-now you a permenant slug too-pour some salt on you-watch you dissolve for being a hater fool-dumb goons-tryna floss on you-who cares about what you move-you too loud anyway what you got to prove-save your airball briccs-for another tricc-that stepped on shit-is chalk that will get me hit-acting like undercover cops-you got loose lips-tighten dem up with a glue sticc-you tryna get me stucc with that same glue sticc-get a clue citch-go bake a cake-that's what you really doing-hating on niggaz jail escape cuz dat file you will never use it-like a wanna be rapper scared to upload-all becuz you a wanna be trapper with no made bones-your war dawgs got hush puppies on da loudest mode-you go out so much punk you on repeat on outro mode-nobody hears your songs-same lames luv ta hate have no fear you'll never be on-you been on the blacklist before they even had one-fake rappers mad cuz they some fad punks-no co-sign make dem salty haters-instead of real demonstraters-stealing my style-got you C-nile-and in denial-is it cuz them civil lawsuits been filed?-and now my copyright registrations are filed-guranteed you gonna be assed out like the Green Mile-broke like Deathrow?-no questions need to be asked bustah the only question where'd your bread go?-you better get your tubes tied ninjaz is dwelling like a Tube Spider-to put some poison silk inside ya-they got acrchitech plans on some Gradungulidae-building trapdoors to pull ya & let ya in-like dem Trapdoor Spiders they will pull the floor out from under ya quicc-I built a Sydney Funnel poison cake-for my mate-so she stay away-she loves the taste of my silky icy cakes-but not the ones dat are poison laced-she loves to lay me straight-like my dicc which is sticks of eight-rub them together now I light her fire all day-you gotta bad one-watch out for your brothers cuhzz-they kill you & be lookin like a Brazilian Wandering Spider-I got hoes dat are straight riders-wrap up you dirty birds on some Goliath-they eat Peacock Spiders too-succ the pretty colors right out of you-they throw the Bagheera in the bag-more green on top of dat-they love to succ my secret of mana-do it like Golden Silk Orb Weavers like they is no tomorrow-they silk n milk me call em Happy Face Spiders-looks could be deceiving just wait till they pipe ya-I got me a Blacc Widow-she got a cousin that's a Brown Widow-we smoke White Widow-blow out there cousin a Redback Spiders window-you look real scary like a Wolf Spider-but your bite is a bee sting loud bark no Rider-Ima Kauai Wolf Spider a savage cave dweller-I got no eyes but I could see you tellers-see right thru you without even getting close to smell ya-hit the bullseye-even a Bull Dike-I'm O.G like a Assassin Spider-hit it big like Dinosarus when I slide inside her-make her feel like she will die no with a sore ass how I pipe her-I'm too pretty even give Marcy Rhodes-the Argyrodes-in New Folsom I had a spider named Tiger-he was the flyest-used to jump on the window and eat flies that be flying-gravity defying-turned out to be a Zebra Spider-a little Lion in disguise bruh-he would even dust off a 6 eyed Sand Spider-put him in the quiccsand as a Lifer-it's just our Sandbox at Robert Hill Lane we on our 213 Eastsider-we sew up the flow-with the Water Spiders and all the H20-it's a wrap-soon as we Gangsta Trap Rap-laughing at you Bird Dung Crab Spiders-you mad and grumpy in spite of-the fact that ain't no clean birds wanna sit beside ya-settle for the dirty pigeons-that will eat anything with a mouth full of silly gimmicks-we sew up the Internets Web-like a Giant Huntsman grinding on his last hunt man-and to his last hunt man-catching worms in the Cyber World surfing the web like data chips that are blue-clicked up with the Goliath Spiders the early birds too-I got a pacc Mouse Spiders they eat hoodrats alive-steal they cheese right off they hide-peel it like string cheese that's white-like pieces of shit after they died-they ride until my sais gone-then them hoes say dueces like peace zone Saigon-Suicide Sex until my size gone-and until the fat out my sides gone-I get em so greasy I have no choice but to get my slide on-I do them hoes like a 2 dollah hoe with a burnt perm-no refunds and no returns-better invest in a good weave-and try to get on the Hood Team-ninjaz is stupid as fucc now a dayz-like a African hating the KKK-for them using the N-word freely all the time-but yet the same African got the N-word tatted on his forehead in glow in the dark white-ink that light up the night time-and he the African only go outside at night-that's like Suicide Sex-only doing it with no latex-like blowing off your dicchead-better use a rubber on your pricchead-gotta use a Jimmy Cap for your Jimmy Dean-or it's detention for young Jimmy-went from a Dean to a student for being petty and skiddy-I'd rather have no sex & be heavy & city-make sure I stay ready & pretty-cuz I gotta stay about my feddy like Diddy-and my cheddy like 50-what's the Paper Boy with no Ditty-I don't wanna hear them saying he got paper boy did he?-or does he need a extra extra?-you don't gotta read about it-you already know what it is so don't ever doubt it-you on that loud shift-like the best loud spliff-pacced with every Summer Jam loud hits-rolled in Billboard papers to clout n thicc-quiet on the set like we filming another Godfather movie on a Sicilian cloud citch-Suicide Sex could leave you on a permanent foul tip-stucc on a Watership downed ship-that drowned in-your own foolish proud wit-next time don't pound it-leave it in the Lost N' Found bin-

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