The plaque I spit fast out my Venom gas clog up your arteries like placque no lack for the flak I sheen out the shine on all plaques nothing but A's Honor Roll Land I'm posted up for life The Wall Of Fame is where I'm going or should I say WE I fall Towers bigger then the Ifel Tower pair Paris in half with the Yoshi Yoshi Island Green on top of moe trees we Rainbow Kush you just Mochi no ice cream just cheap tobacco leaf Virginia don't know thee I floss plaques I floss placque then cook it up like Hash mixed with my Joker Venom Gas unleaded yo ass you a Mark we John Lennon's Brand remembered till the end of times span you tripping dating seeing Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds you need to see a Head Shrink cause I know you got a hard on for messing with that Acid no Boric but you still melting punnishly deep fried minds eat them up like deep fried pies Texas big guapos get them from Gestapo Capo's that play the God with Apostle's kiss the pearl on the pinky ring or stay paused froze igloo block mode Eskimos don't want snow better stay in your lane or we move on ya fast like the diamond lane drown ya in Carpools then crept away before we even came came up taught the Sun Up ended them like Sun Down nighty night close your eyes Candyman Sweet Dreams ya'll just shine I gleam sheen till the immortal glow bleed we Heaven leak info from Da Angel's our bowls Jesus Manger Cradle smoke that Hay by the Baylow Indica the West Best no choice but to laylow tap hoes by the Alphabet they the keys on my board play them like the Piano to Yanni I move them like iguana green my natural body odor Marijuana leaf airtight like my blue sacs when you open them The Sound Of Music you heard that like right on Whitter Blvd off of Atlantic where the turfs at M.L.B Money Lord Ballers pitching winning every inning perfect games just for Allah to the Max on pop like Top Dawg collars no fleas no apalas cause we ain't sorry we ain't no goners I spit placque call it That Crack so loaded had to go to Rehab came back as Ice Cream Tapes the site like the DJ who run it you can't Fade Standard Brands is my can of colorful paint bumping that Rainbow Kush through Leo's Stereo that's how we maintain everyday I'm Old School like I-HOP before Good Guy's & Tower Record's Ima Hood Guy I live in a Tower built of record's now it's Staples & WalGreens still the zone Original East L.A 213 on lock my prison block reminds me of D.V.I Tracy WestHall before K-Wing & Cambria Lock Up & Salinas Valley bust up outta the CSP-SAC a newborn chick no pun that just hatched turned into Big Bird real fast open Seasame Street nigga now I'm back December 13th, 2010 and all you hear is the WildSide Joker Gang laugh echo through GangLAnd who want some Placque?

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