Verse1. I'm hearing evil voices in my head Satanz playing that broken record again neglected as a kid by my dsyfunctional family it's such a sad tradgedy I was misled astray at a early age and raised in the dark that's why I have so much scorn that's burried in my heart it's like my family members are all actors just playing the part they say they love me unconditionaly for life but why would they leave me blind and fail to take the speck out of my pride won't abide and coincide with my mind so I gotta keep my chin to the sky and steady stroll and M.O.B the chalkline hit the gates with 200 dollars in my palm Ima a Outlaw nigga fuck all of ya'll
Chorus: I was new to this game like a virgin but then God's Servent operated on my brain like a skilled surgeon and opened my eyes to the real like the Serpent
Verse2. I roll alone with the crome solo bolo smoking on do do sipping on 40's sometimes I wanna collide with the popo's just so I can go out blasting with 44's I envsioned and pictured my own death it was so horrific the muder scene was to explicit I was finished in less than a minute ammunition to the head left me diminished my neighbors celebrated in the hood because I was like Dennis the Menace always up to no good life dogged me out man I had it ruff ever since day one I been running with Lost Angel's true street thugz Chorus
Verse3. No Aangel's singing in sweet harmony at my church ceremony no tears shed at my funeral at the cemetary no heart no moving words spoken at my eulogy right before they bury this true gee in the years that came there were no flowers on my grave my burial plot layed in the shade under a dark rain cloud that no sunrays could penetrate latenite in the cemetary the zombies would raise and come to my grave whisper my name begging me to donate my brain to they army I said yes cause in a sense I'm already half dead because my soul cannot rest it's trapped in hell in the acid of beastes stomach God cast down upon me his heavenly Angel Gabriel to save this Dark Angel from the Devils hand that rocks the cradel he turns the unbalanced tables he's the glass pipe that smokes the Kane he keeps me safe and Able to cut and slice the beastes navel so I can escape on bail my Saint Gabriel unrolls the ancient scrolls which allows my soul to roam free from th Netherworld to the pearly castle known as God's home Chorus

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