I hit hoes and get triple crown-I spit ripple in they mouth-I Lean nipples out-now like the Colorado Rockies they stand proud-fucc excepting hand outs-when hoes see me they say O.M.G and put they hand on they mouth-I taught Cy Young how to pitch on the 4ever mound-I got factorys of cream like Almond Joy & Mounds-call me Peter Paul from the LAndtown-I pass hoes down like hand me downs-to my lil homies that's how I hold it down-I'm the King of the ring I inovated Pound for Pound-when I knock you out-revenge is the sound-that's heard out loud-from every town to town-I stay sharp and on point like Pelican Bay shanks-my cesspool is Salinas Valley Salad Bowl shark tanks-I'm on the edge like the percipepe-soon as I spit from the baby crib I painted lifes centerpiece-you gotta remember me-i'm the Forever King-that's 24-7 street-from the first 21 Jump Street-could be on the beat-my D.N.A 213-I sewed up the game with Blue Meang Trapstar Spider silk string-I'm to bitter sweet Apple Cider Spitter on ever beat-I'm too true so Blue Cantrail me-on every 211 Robbery-Jacking Spree-I'm slanging Black Tails-like crack pails-Big Mac tails-the biggest crack sales-I started the crack epidemic I got Ronald Crack Donaldmail-my buns and bread always have the most mayo-i'm one eye Willy like Houston-Third Eye Illuminati light jewels outshining the Astros in Houston-I spit rocket fuel then the whole Industry lifts off like Houston-Gold Mine shaft-in a Golden Coast bitch ass-3CPO my gold bullets-R2D2 when I pull it-they spin like ballerina tu tu's-just like them two two's-hoes fein until drool-cuz I'm way too cool-they drool like Haladol pools-cuz I got them on lock like the Old & New School-I'm the Dean-you want beef call me Jimmy Dean-Ima Giant my mini me James Dean-but I never crash-I'm never last-I Everlast-the best to pass-I'm way to advanced-I make the future look like the past-I leave your dreams shattered like Mr.Glass-I see thru everybody's ass like Windex on the crystal balls glass-my Derty Ferty guns out bark Cujo-I'm spitting bars call them Pruno-I'm King of the Uno-bigger then any and all Sumo's-

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