Verse1. Top Dawg boss mode silence G-Code like dog whistles blown horn blowers blow mellow yellow Bleakwood Fellows Acapellas on top high powered voices vocals stay on Pointmen lead or be led breathe or be dead read or see death bleed or be deaf hear pain scream when you leak like Sui I bless on tweets sneeze and our bank acounts be soaring while the rain is thunderously pouring quicker then lighting quicksilver spitting Top Dawg Rivers dog paddle in it need a paddle to live in it and swim in it filled to the brim with it this High Pow wisdom that is given with the passage rights of this life Top Dawg hold ya rank and flank lames till they sank unlike The VanderbillYonaire Bank
Verse2. Top Dawg bones made stones custom fit like cobble stones hobble on with a Top Dawg pimp limp Pit Swag no need to brag you know what's in the bag don't be a drag like what the pussy cat drag in follow the Black Magical Dragon he got's our backs to the end my friends bread ends hold ends like rubberbands to these Other hands I spit yeast at the Wonder's make the dough rise multi billionaires overnight no dough in sight I make the loaves multiply like Jesus Christ on some Great Wonder's Bread of The World make it turn grind like churn burn the dough in my Dragon Belly till the yeast ripe nice and sweaty Arroyo Doughnut's back never left we still on Go Fast Rainbow Sprinkled Doughnut Halo's smoke and blow them call it Rainbow Smoke Top Dawg maul them all to the Max you know how the saying goes J no little Timmy he got kidnaped by the real Lil Timmy back stabbing rat fake Harley ain't got no juice no Joker Venom Gas
Verse3. Top Dawg on block boss watch the fog it do creep covering snake feins that do scando things when they sensitive need to feed the sensitivity like a wanna be P.C "Pussy Cat" no Lion Pride Rock you Scars get laser popped send them to the Shefield Doc cook them up in this Chef Field in our pot Black Widows in the backyard I been killing them way back in the past after dark hit them up with Aqua Net flame torch them then smell the poisonous death inhale it till I taste it on my breathe then spit it back in the other spiderwebs so the rest can die in my phlem the Top Heads naw them apples to rotten filled with Tremor Worms & Earthworm Jim on some homo shit on the low pro doe they know loc they been Solo before him and Lonely phonies that rhyme with Tony the frosted flake but what Tiger no bro no home just a bunch of rotten apple liars with they panties on fire and they pants with holes in the area of ass with a sign that says "Please Try Me" no Top Dawgs just Top Frauds that lost they top like a horny loose broad doing Dallas like Debbie the pussies look like Oatmeal Creampies made by Lil Debbie and I spit crazy songs Looney Toons Nutty Bars by the plenty my Lunatec-9 clip never empty like my ammo in this citch forever heavy my girl Impaula Queen of Suicide she forever with me

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