Verse1. Training Day to be major paid in school as a slave locked up behind the walls it's your brain or balls trapped in a classroom escpaing to the bathroom to relieve myself of all that conetic energy Con metal weapontry is what we face everyday electric barbed wires no chance of escape and where would you go if you could they would just find you no where to run no where to hide it's only the hole or the line spitting with HemoGobleans that eat cell block monstahs Big Bubba ain't so when you grew up in a spider net of poison Anacondas that resolve problems with one hiss promise they don't miss like a burning net swish on fire yeah of course we in Hell everybody on the menu this Training Day fool what you gonna do when you the Food inmates and guards attend too
Verse2. Train all day night train at night bust down work out get ready for the big fight when it goes down you got no choice but to go down on the ground with it Last Men Standing there ain't none the guards are the ones who is the winners the Adminstration is the witness looking at you on camera review you know what that Mini 14 do tear a big ass hole right through you then you through get a degree in college that's what the pen is so honor it dearly departed bless they soul see ya at the crossroads gotta find your self in this land of lost souls prison is the world they go S.N.Y just to be free a simple escape cause they feining for something maybe anything
Verse3. Yard walk on the yard you gotta listen like no talk no headphones gotta have a post like one up one down keep your game straight laced like your shoes when the alarm sound it's going down respect all and be cool train everyday and be clean keep a secure grip on your stronghold and if you bleed you learned something drink alot of water keep your body replenished ad pure flush out all the bad stuff negative energy will get you burned water down your coffee or in crazy thoughts you drown probably move with the Godspeed train with the light by day burn the Jack Be Nimble candle by night sleep with the nightlight like anti guys that really hate living with guys even if it's there own pride share and share a like or get mixed like Stir Fry Garlic French Fries a dollar or more on the line pop your mind with pills you might get popped ill on sight cause for a thrill they'll ride with steely knives have on your training gear my ninjaz it's training day be prepared for anythang that's how the pen is that's how I was raised in the hellish world of pain

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