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I got her some tricc candles so she can practice blowing-economy size on some Olympic Torch shit they stay forever glowing-I feel the weight of the world in my shoulder-it went from a pebble to a boulder-like the cold blue metal it's getting colder-I get Pi like a G so they call me a Pig-I'm every bad freaks last slice I'm saved for they lips-they trained by my whip-like they give brain for the glist-like they taught to drain for the chips- like they were made for this-like they get paid for it-a slave for dicc-love it or hate for it-the triccs fly away with it-to another place on hit-they say Trix are for kids so they swallowed it-ballaholics gave them the balls with bliss-they ate em like hog malls n pigs-I got her fresh virgin center on loccdown like F.B.I Quantico Virginia-even though I forever quelled it the verge still in her-to the T it's Ripple-way more Lean on triple-she sucks it on Total Recall nipples-make a Gansta Nip ohhh-I'm to big tricc-I gave her ass ceptic shock with my dicc-I give them haters meningitis put em like kids on they knees-until I burst they kidneys-just like how I did my Skid Team-my Ally Cat lick dreams-call me Asiatic Felix the Cat-the fee she licking dat-like if she fein for my cap-it's her caffeine on tap-it's my magical mushroom Tooty Tabs-she loves it like sexcersing dat big booty ass-call it paid in full truly cash-you'll find me where she drooling at-when we bust it's cesspools of L.And-Golden Hydro swimming pool bowls of cool grass-I'ma fool fo dat-lame we too cool fo dat-no half step on Da Rules of Da Land-Ima Original Trapstar my origin is the spiderweb-like my tattoo the blue one on my arm my left-just like my purple bellflower on my right forearm my first crib-your worst enemy is yourself workout-die another day word of mouth-listen to me like if I was your D.A.D-dont take it as a fad-baby Papillon butterflys all day-catapillars creep n crawl with may-smoking Chocalate Cocoons-with Oompa Loompa Goons-Ima Insane Pirate of Da Carippeans a booty bandit loon- with Da Chocalate Factory stashed in her ass like cracc in Da dash true-I pop her trunk with my Golden Ticcets-special access with my Poland hitting-in love with her invisible ring on some Gollum Pimping-beat it up until it's swollen blimping-a Good Year she make me wanna live-putting the Hood Fear in this Rip-she ain't just a treat like a no good weird tricc-they started out as 4 Kings they Las Vegas like lost vegies-and turned into four queens-

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