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You a Heatseeker that missed catching the Vaporz in Antartica-you ain't got no balls I know it's hard to come-you some Imposters like Olum-no legs tryna kicc it Golden-no Lt.Dan just Dan cuz you never been to war ya crippled & bogus-but ya'll really snitching on me C.S.I scoping-praying to your rat fink god hoping-dry thirsty vulture niggaz getting small portions-& we put the 1 & the 8 in front of the 7 meal courses-killing plates at all stakes the biggest portions-King Round Tables-catch the Vaporz when the cutting blade do-run right thru-the best cuts on layaway foo-Hood Rich Poor Scene-you don't really wanna see what the flame torch bring-even at the coldest degrees-I Vaporize seeds-cuz it's hard for me-to breed-Rainbow Kushy-seeds only-cuz I'm the highest strain-ride for days-with no stress to ruin my days-with headaches-bless the Earth with superb words-it's the time capsules-30 million years from now still be on cap whole-only doing time for the lower cases who needs the capitals-I opened up this Music Game that's why they mad at RAW-welcome to The Mad Hatter Bar-Seabor over Sherm Pours-Original Insanity from the Eastside of Long Beach C.T-to the Westside of Los Angeles C.T-it's the 310 to the 213-15th Street to Alpine Street-before the Warriors, Zulu's, & the A.B Chillin-we made the Z the whole Hood & History-with Van Nuys the S, Original West Valley-to San Gabriel Valley-you see when you doing time in the Pen-jealous bustahs don't wanna see you win-your bid-& make it solid-they catch the Vaporz praying for your Autumn-wanna see you fall but don't want no problems-when you call them-Original Hood yeah I helped start it-especially L.A, Da Westside & Northside, V-Boyz too-126 times 22-Immortally True Blue-still right here at the end of Lil Brooklyn Avenue-right before the Deadend Riggin & Garfield Avenue-same streets been here ever since 1982-a Brother now 32-talk shit behind my bacc that's what coward ass snakes do-you made a mistake fool-ain't nobody straight with you-you unfaithfool-to the grain & tools-you say the A but you ain't cool-like we got paperwork on you-who would of thought I would be balling at John Marshall High on Tracy Street-then be balling 2002 in D.V.I Tracy in K-Wing-after scraping my knee like them fleas-next time checc yo mate-Karma's a muthafuccah you heard what happend to them & Checcmate-God don't like ugly he said that's 4 messing with KazeLunatec mang-who started the West Gang-Outlaws like Jesse James-the Fortune was hidden safe-at the Tilt no arcade-cuz we don't play games-from Prison to the Streets-a couple sets each-now they registered in the U.S Copyright Office I know you hot little geeks-here let me send a missle to ya that's heat seek-pussy niggaz all wet-scared to slip in the set-on decc-ironically cuz you a hoe card in my card decc-a mark to a Vet-Alpine Belvedere Monterey Park A.B.M is the set-Asian Boy MOB as real and hard as it gets-Insane Prison Bars-Locc Up Raw-Redline no cells from the start-you haters got some of the biggest Donkey Kong Donks in they throat-now they need Mario & Lugi to unclog they soul-hating on Yoshi & his Green Island-ain't G.P, Street, or Ridah-talking about you the Homies-but don't even know me-probably would try to blow me-if you could catch me on the phonie-but I'm 4ever a Real Ronin-L.Ast Shogun-my sword is made for War only-21 Institutions couldn't hold me-14 Years G.P-General Population just ask the Real Big Homies-checc the dates 1997-to damn near 2011-came in when I was 14 years old-brang almost 14 years then paroled-I got the record for the youngest one out of the AB Central Locs-from the age of 14 to 28 years old-straight time-no breaks on mines-no craccing no lie-no snitching my paperwork is verified-C-File emakulant-it stands for Clean File it's branded-type to help you on the Green IsL.And never leave ya stranded-I uploaded all of those Mixtapes now ya can't stand me-caught the Vaporz now you wanna hate something hammy-& to all my Real Peoples that got my downloads they thank me-because they know this Street Life Souljah really has a Oscar & some Grammy's-by law no scamming-or shamming-in due time but no Spirit's I spit the Stairway To Heaven waiting for my Angellic's Most Flyest Girl to snatch me-like a Harpy to the nest & get ta hatching-like golden goose eggs craccing-tell your Mother Goose I jacced her-but the Nursey Rhymes you can keep for the fake Hood Actors-made to look Hood Factors-that say they RAW then flop like a Natural Disaster-like a niggah cheating in a Alley Fight then took your life with the Alley Blaster-& the Vaporz is all you smelt from the barrel of these Low Bottom Ghetto Bastards-

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