Verse1. Abandon children sleeping in abandon buildings at infested evicted tenants they stomach is churning there desire to survive thru tha city is burning feining for they next meal forced to pick up the steel or be killed it's hard to roll thru the struggle with no wheels the neighborhood is like a haunted cemetary concrete souljahz enlisting in the revolutionary military tired of being tied down burn down the Whitehouse down like Carrie we hellbound missionaries Chorus
Chorus: We walking the chalkline-palming glock nines-packing stainless steel knives-at the base of our spines-
Verse2. I'm walking the chalkline in the path of the bullets the Devil Whispers in my ear you besta pull it I know if I don't get you then you gon get me that's why I gotta keep my trigga finga greased till I'm deceased my mode is Mak 11 auto fully I'm tha King of the streetz real killaz wanna battle me for tha throne and tha crown that's why I stay strapped with black talons Teflon Tips and Hollow Rounds cause when it's time to come outside and play I'm strapped and prepared with stratagies for any war games Chorus
Verse3. Ain't no pity foe real geez my city's under seige nine millys under the seat smokin phillies and swisher sweets packed wit sticky icky green Ima Bad Boy like Diddy P, Ready to Die like Biggie thru these L.A streets I get rich or die trying like Fifty slanging 50 piece cookies to these rookies I got the Heart of a King strapped wit 50 caliber artillery my neighborhood is outlined in chalk cause it's the Deadzone so watch where you walk cause you might get caught by the Boogie Man who spreads terror thru the land he's the reason for pissy pants & bed pans a dark hand on your diaphram cooks you in the frying pan and eats you for breakfast so check this when I cock it back you Better get the message yo best bet is to come out yo pockets and give me yo neckless in a matter of seconds any half stepping the Tek spitz yo head spinz teflon tips disect skin leaving the decrepit body in the back of a Lexus parked in the Boondocks of Texas collecting dust neglected I got a butcher knife on my back like Richard Rameriz I'm from the Twilight Zone dimension and did I mention I made my competition demented walking down the chalkline hell is where I'm headed Chorus

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Walking Tha Chalkline song meanings
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