V1. (Kamikaze Loon) They label me Fatal from the cradle cuz Ima Suicidal Factor A.P.B put on my head cuz I'm the one that they after alluding the Police hitting fences escaping they capture cuz I'm the one that they after at night when the L.A winds blow I hear the Devil's laughter tattoo yo chest with a S.K.S hot tips penetrate yo flesh and it spells the West now u all out of breath Mini Mac Ozzy spitting like lugies C-4 Plastique go Kablewey once u die u don't get another take like in a Wes Craven movie the lucky ones on life support dead bodies in the back of my Honda Accord a week later the rest of the bodies wash up on the ocean shore murder murder is my hobby keeps me up all night like coffee there ain't gonna be no autopsy cuz they ain't never gon find the body 12 Gauge Shotty shooting like semen taking a piss in the Garden of Eden smoking blunts with metal demons I'm having Freddy bleeding while he's dreaming screaming to Wes Craven to leave him deleted my heat busting like a orgasm watch his body shake and spasm drain him of his precious plasm there you go God you can have him here let me introduce you to a very Dear Friend of mines Mr.Foe to Five watch his eyes go bug eyed as he turns scared with fright I wonder what was running thru his mind as I blew his baseball cap to the side I'll be there at the crime scene enjoying my latest memory put it in my photo album called Serial Killer's A to Z smash off like a Wilder Beast bacc to the Concrete Jungle of the 213 West Craven Geez. Chorus
Chorus: I'm like Jason without the mask Freddy without the Glove fill you up with these teflon slugs put yo mug in the mud
V2. (E-Mac) I jump from body to body like Shaka more siccer then the Witch Doctor to a 30 round clip chopper my rhymes is flowing like lava keep you up all night like Java put the Mac to yo bacc have you bitch niggaz singing like Opera Mini Mac Ozzy spitting like lugies C-4 plastique goes Kablewey but this ain't no movie a Warrior like Xena have you dreaming like Selena more heat then the Chinese Fleet make way when I M.O.B these streets like Freddy catching niggaz in they dreams West Craven Geez. Chorus

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West Craven (2001) song meanings
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