Verse1. Wise whiskahs don't hear lies & whispers they die quiters we eat it up they stir fried dinner Lazauna to this Garfield Ave winner they stir up mixers tell them gitty up like stir ups & saddle sitters ride on them till the raw hide gives ass blisters mass hitters with brass splinters I dash with the stash to dinner avoid them whispers that work with snake hissers they trade disses with fake dissers 1-23 twevle years before C.D.C.R labeled me a Wig Splitter 4501.A Intent To Kill em I been appealing but the Judge don't feel me violated my 4th Amendment rights illegal search and seizure obtained a letter without a warrant almost gave me Life
Verse2. Duck Duck Goose look at you you ain't really so cute when I really look at you the unwise listen to whispers they bullet kissers we miss ya you with that bullshit dismiss em with a blink Great Wall Chings moving silently without even a peep bleep ya while ya sleep I got the secret recipe it's called rest in peace for some chickens they Mak 11 Foxx dinners we Chicken Coupe hitters shine like the Goose's Golden Eggs we do this for the score when it's spread beat the spread then heat up a spread I'm too tight like women that don't spread they legs I get layed all day like Hen's to eggs when the realest said it's spit from my Mountain Top head I'm bout that block bread like a cheese block head we rot to the death where the strange hissers don't whispers in the depths of the end
Verse3. My Wise Whiskers to long for my years and my age I matured in a zoo cage with animals around me we straight Altered Beast'z call us Kingz of this Lion World hurl pearls of wisdom at them young girls who want to know what's the Hood Biz a Good Kid A Bad Kid it really don't matter I'm a fast talking P.I.M.P the last to a chicken hawking simp I got Golden Hens by the Foxx Den we in The Loft often on hit taught Loften like Kenny Ima G you sound like Kenny G but I'm smoother then you him and me Wild Thing Cleveland Indian's Single A I'm the Home Run King gimmie dat Snack Shack Nacho's,Cheese , & Jalapeno Green rolling on Jalapeno Wheels my Hot Rides what a steal G-Rides what a thrill like Guaps & Trill magical pot & skrill The Loft feel Lara Croft & stolen pills like Smoks on ill unwise whiskers get you popped & killed on da block fa real

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