Verse1. It's the year of the horse so we going in real long and real strong-from the starting block-kicking it off-like a double headed coin toss-I choose heads-but pass on them heads-old school niggaz naw more like lops instead-that I should of left for dead-at the drop of a hat-they drop a rat-and dive into the hat-fucc dat-they think they all bad-but how is that?-niggaz on the line been said they not the man-more like a cheesey hoodrat-that knows how to kiss real good ass-it's either that-or steel in da hood from da brass-Clap Clap-but no applause they never stood a chance-it's the year of the horse-no recourse-for da dummies dat went on a collision course-they rank & stank like a dead corpse-no life line to the boars-boring pigs ain't no fun-all dey do is gossup-dats not wats up-confessahs-way before Represa-no Seeker-gonna search the treasure trail for them-they too busy hiding & lying, confiding in the FEDS-bogus information-to get me sent back to da pen-
Verse2. This our year year of the horse-them snitch bitches will especially lie on the stand in court-they stuck like glue-get a clue-nobody gonna believe you-it's true-the facts & truth-you construe-it's obvious you been snitching on me all this time with no results with shit ya'll full-so who has the Juice?not you-I own The Roof-in the movie Juice-that Bishop fell off-you talk a lot-like who did I pop?and who got shot?where and when on which blocks?with what K with what glock?which weapon did I pop?make your mind up lames-quit getting caught up in your own lying game-the new crying game-trying to frame-so you can leave me dying in da frame-they try to outlast outplay-but they no surviors on this Horse Island-they can barely eat starving for attention-feeding each other lies-time after time-which add up to a lot of jail time-for the liars that failed reporting crimes-on me that didn't happend-obviously why I ain't in Prison locked back maxing-in da joint relaxing-like N.A addicts off a joint relapsing-
Verse3. The year of the horse fucc you phonies-ya'll just some my little pony's-giddy up-city punks-dum ditty dum-can these punks-get any dumber-they got fire like Satan's hottest summer-these liars can't get higher so they slumming-but they not excepted by the ghetto-that's on every level-from the King to the serf-ya'll been ween dings claiming da turf-and what's worse-The Feds got paperwork-of you snitching on me & my peeps from the turf-that's why you can't sue me what libel slander?-like I'm just making shit up at random-I just audible change fakers like paper I'm The Phantom-shape shifter-clay builder-mainframe dealer-brain peeler-lame filler-octane refiller-chamelion candy paint spiller-we Giantz toothpicks are man made pillars-game steelers-lace it with da realer-gate sealers-no one after us we fate sealers-to the highest never ending ceiling-big face peeling-ain't got no time for dis lame killing-A.B Insane winning-like 100 or Nothin Big Face times Lean Trillah-we unleash the pain of King Kong Gorillah-plus the eternal flames of Godzillah-it's the Year Of The Horse ya Elmer Fuddy Dudd's is glue bottle fillahs-you go in da glue bottle when they get filled up-

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