Verse1. You da star act like it don't come to them let them come to you you the one with the Puppet pull they the Astronauts that come to the stars the stars don't come to the Astronauts get your Castro on they cashflow pawns addicted to cash & dough lawn they earthworms feining for what grows above the Earths dirt Derty Fert turf it's that Monterey View shine I'm the Alien Predator it's hard to view mines out of mind out of sight OutLAwz 4 Life outshine all sides out of prime never how I outflow outdo life
Verse2. You leftover hoes never worthy for the Queens throne you reheatable on the stove might be very long wait I guess you don't learn from other hoes mistakes it's cool you a star but could of fooled me I'm too real 1982's my start nigga I'm from Original EastSide L.A the very bad parts The Park especially after dark too many Cujo gun barks that thud hard Original Hoodstar don't act or play the part from the streets to the pen I done seen to much that I cannot pen it's not fit for your eyes if you read it you'll go blind like the Devil's Gin Black Moonshine I change clothes quicker then I change dough watch where your brain go in this made globe
Verse3. You flip flop fish cod no scales ironic you ain't wise looking at the world cross eyed you see worser then the blind drowning in Black Moonshine they lack the courage to ride yeah we heard it but it died broken record melodies get you with a broken rectum fein sell outs don't count but you the star with no clout and no castle in the clouds talk loud but move nothing you got a point to prove move something or shut your trap to many bees don't like your buzz in this game you ain't never stood a chance no Queen Bee and no hive I could give a rats ass I'm a Top Cat immortalized with A.B. to the I Nine Lives we game changers the game changes when we gaming you need a new M.O you some bent hoes used like rentals what medals you ain't never been to war you a Impostah tryna say you with the Beez but nobody rides for your low score

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