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Verse1. I get away Zest fully clean-with the crime sprees-society & the Judge hates me-cuz they say I'm way to mean-I guess cuz I sip on Lean-and get screwed all day and then I overdose like D.J Screw on purpose and resurrect myself-with some crystal meth-fresh out the glass case-& escape-the grave-then dip with a rusty screwdriver threw the L.A-fog rip muthafuccas up as I hide my face-with Kiwa war paint-and vanish all trace-and twist and dust my victims off in the eye of the hurricane-all foe the evil murda gang-you know I do it again and again-as I snort the Sandmanz hourglass grainz-I kill for thrills fucc the fame-I elevate the Killa Cali Murda Rate-foe my state-wit no mistakes-everyday all day-I calculate-my every move like a Serial Killer playing a Deadly Chess Game-you better pray-
Verse2. You dead as a doorknob-soon as the crome pops-it's murder murder like the movie Fargo-soon as I pull them K's out the cargo-I'm fuccing fiery hot hoes from Cairo-doing it just like Porno 4 Pyro-I put Lancane-on my trigger finger so I don't get to clapping-to happy-and so my ears don't excessively-be ringing-I fucc up your mindstate-with Sulfar Nitrate-put you on a night train-then you sleep eternally-then I escape-down the Devil's Highway-I sip and sip-on Gin-mixed with Vikatin-have your soul trapped in the Whirlwind-the hurricanes optic-on a good spin-when the fans-are in the stands-with lighters in there hands-at my concert I'll throw some gas-on em real fast-and burn they azz-my mini me's are known az the most murderous thugz in world-using my lil homiez to makinate with evil plotz watch how they unfurl-
Verse3. Don't hold your breath if you waiting for me to change-I never will cuz I'm addicted to the game-me & my drug cartel delivers like U.P.S, Federal Express straight to yo doorstep-straight to yo address-I stay with them China White Grainz of sand cuz I'm the Sandman-cooking up my dope up in my hourglass-I'm a wild gee-a wilderbeast-on the loose alwayz quicc to strike-you can never tame my rage in a cage cuz in Hell I reside-I got them scary azz niggaz sleeping with they lights on they know I'm coming they clutching they Teddy-I'm known for scaring Freddy-they don't wanna see me cuz my mind's gone-& I'm known for getting my ride on-I hope-U.S Customz and Boarder Control-don't stop my trucc & speed boats-and seize my coke-

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