Grace, we always found a way to fail
Through yuppie times and hippie trails
Angkor Wat, we'll never stop the rot
We'll never stop the rot
Hey, we went to Northern New South Wales
Booked a cab and saw the whales
Thanks a lot, we'll never stop the rot
Can't tell you what we got,
My confidence is shot

Spent the spring time on the Rhine
But winter never left your mind
We were drunk on a yacht
And your German friends are hot
It was only just a matter of time
It's just a matter of time
Never stop the rot, we'll never stop the rot
Never stop the rot, we'll never stop the rot

Grace, I can't believe in what I found
I tried so hard to pin you down
Tie the knot, we'll never stop the rot
You're so suspicious
It's not a communist plot
You look great, in your Bangkok Hilton robes
We squabbled all across the globe
Smokin' pot, we'll never stop the rot
At least you're loaded, cause your uncle
Won a squillion on the trots

Spent the winter on the Nile
Though Egypt's goin' out of style
There were tanks in the square
Your ex was there
He was working for the New York Times
Or maybe Vanity Fair

You took a camel like a shot
We'll never stop the rot

Grace, we almost fell over the line
Through hippie trails and yuppie times
Oyster shots, we'll never stop the rot
Never stop the rot
Never stop the rot
We will never stop the rot

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    General CommentFrom Dan Kelly, ‘Never Stop The Rot’ the video was directed by Sunny Leunig In a green screen studio in a storage facility in Brunswick. Phoebe Taylor was the star and plays my bored travel partner with fabulous seventies flair! She is a designer, a motorbike rider and a drummer in the Steve Miller Band. We had to borrow a motorbike off her friend Tao as her bike broke down and we borrowed a small rubber dinghy too.

    The band have been coming to rehearsal in Skins after riding/jogging from work so I thought they should try them in the clip. I think it's made for one of the great guitar solo shots ever. No guitar or guitarist just the band on exercise bike and stretches. I spent two hundred bucks at the army disposals on hiking gear and we only used half a second of hiking! I looked quite silly. Sunny was looking after me there.

    Some of the Dream Band couldn't make it so we just didn't use them and pretended to play their instruments. Sorry Maddy and Joe but time was tight. The theme started as a slide night of my holidays for bored friends. We used that at the start but realised no one under 30 knows what a slide is, so it descends fairly quickly into japes, high jinks and group exercise. The green screen was invaluable here as we had to cover a huge amount of territory again due to my lust for geography in songs.

    Sunny shot it in a day and edited it in five days to meet the insane online demand for my product. Peace.
    scratcheron December 28, 2015   Link

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