(Wait for the sunset so you can see that you shine too. Darkness waits in secret hoping your light shines through) - [throughout entire song]

She told me about you and she couldn't help but cry.
I may not be a part of your family, but I can't help myself sometimes.
I love her so much and you stole so many good times.
So prodigal father please listen.
I just came to give you my two cents, to try to make things right.
'Cause when she told me about you, she told me you were at the top of the line of building up a tower, of holding onto secrets and holding onto power.
But it wasn't until you got to the top that you realized your tower was a cliff.
You saw the water splashing on the rocks below and your mentality shifts, so you steal the innocence of every kid who doesn't even have an example set by you to live up with.
Because there there's so much that goes into loving, more than just the single mother that others cast into a pocket you keep when you feel bothered.
Your courage and your hear are empty, but at least they go hand in hand.
God forbid a single formidable kid ever mistakes you for a man, because even your shadow wouldn't follow when you stepped into the dark.
What's gonna happen when you wake up and realize you abandoned your family and now you've fallen apart?
Staring straight through a brainwashed Wrinkles erased as they take place upon her jawline, shifting while chapped lips form the words 'I never wanted this.'
Every kiss is spread women you never intended to miss.
You dismiss the chapter of innocence for every child that grows up without your example of what not to do when trying to raising a kid.
Your daughter says she hates you and never wants to see you again, when really she would kill to have a father walk her down the aisle when she is ready to trust a man to not live up to the example you set, because the second she was born was the second you took your final bow and now somehow she can't believe the sound of a man's voice saying saying 'I love you.'
From day one you gave this beautiful gift a reason not to trust and now she can't see any love through.
So come home prodigal father, forgiveness is always possible.
You could always walk on a straight line.
So come home prodigal father forgiveness is always possible.
You could walk on that straight line.
And on your way through the door please pick up your spine 'cause
whether you believe it or not you're part of a family.

(Wait for the sunset so you can see that you shine too. Darkness waits in secret hoping your light shines through)
Come home, come home, come home.
Forget all the promises you made.
Come home, come home, come home.
'Cause forgiveness is in its place.

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