All of my friends, a plastic bag
Walking around, jumping the train tracks
It's over the fence, veins are black
Sleep on a bench in the park on my birthday
Caught the blue lights, cursed your name
When I find I'm still awake

Give me everything good, I'll throw it away
I wish I could quit but I can't stand the shakes
Choking smoke, singing your praise
I think there's a God and he hears either way
I rejoice and complain
I never know what to say

But I think there's a God and he hears either way
And I rejoice and complain
Lift my voice, that I was made
Somebody's listening at night
The ghost of my prayers when I pray
Asking why did you let them leave and then make me stay
Know my name and all of my hideous mistakes
I rejoice, I rejoice, I rejoice, I rejoice

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    My InterpretationThis song takes me back to that transitional stage where you are trying to figure out your own identity after high school. When you grow up going to church, there's always going to be a lot of doubt once you go out on your own, especially at a public university. There's a number of directions each lyric could go, but "over the fence, veins are black", obviously we are not talking weed here. Typically black veins means black tar heroin, but the black could just be a metaphor for a negative substance. Regardless, the scenario seems like she passed on the park bench after likely taking heroin, and then the blue lights that "caught" her are the police. The majority refers to her battle with drugs and reaching out to a higher being, assuming God. Smoking and then not being able to quit due to the shakes, referring to withdrawal. The confusing part of this though is that before she mentions veins, injections, but here mentions smoke. It could just mean weed or cigarettes, but could also be referring to crack-cocaine. "asking why did you let them leave and then make me stay?" could mean a couple things. It could be referring to her friends going away to college while she stayed pretty close to home for school. More likely, it is referring to her friends that have overdosed. She has said many times she has a hard time writing songs that are not about death, and this is obviously one that is. In the end she says "know my name and all my hideous mistakes" referring to confessing her "mistakes"/sins to God and then rejoicing in the end. "He hears me either way" adds to this, God hears her even though she may see herself as less than.
    charles865on April 25, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThe end of this song is so amazing. It's such a gut punch but it's so cathartic.
    ksuwdbootson February 12, 2016   Link

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