Cursed to wander the earth
No wonder the worst comes out
Nowhere to call home

You go your way
I'll go mine
Didn't you see it coming on slowly
Fully grown before you know I'll go

Cursing you pondering my right to bare arms
against the hands the very hands that tear my household down
I thought you'd be anything
anything but an enemy
What good are eyes for eyes

Now you go your way and I'll go mine
Didn't you see it coming on slowly
Fully grown before you know I'll go
You would know it if you saw it
The truth of it all
What happens when you see it and you aren't you no more

Show me what to close my mind around

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    General CommentI am imparted with two trains of thought. Either its Androcentric and superficial, or it's thematic with neo Christian undertones. Knowing that it is ACB, I'll assume the latter.

    Cursed to wander the Earth= Old Testament biblical reference to either the specific example of Cain cursed and marked by God to bear the weight of his jealousy for the remainder of his days, or a general reference to those of faith (the wandering Hebrew people).

    So being marked and isolated... NO WONDER THE WORST COMES OUT.
    Especially when you have nowhere you feel safe, or that feels like HOME.

    You go way, I'll go mine.
    (Didn't you see it coming on slowly? Fully grown before you know.)

    The singer recognizes the inevitable conclusion of a shared journey, and is commenting on both the dysfunction that has been developing, and the inability of those involved to stop the seemingly inevitable, despite precognition.


    Again I like to think about the band identifying with the struggle of the Wandering Hebrews. If you put this song into the current political context of POPE, you could project these lyrics onto the struggle of modern day Israel and the Palestinians. Maybe more domestic/punk rock than that? Just looking for arching themes.

    I thought you'd be anything but enemy.

    Who would expect their "Brother" to betray them over something you probably would have given gladly? Not HXC boys, or Abel apparently.

    What good are eyes for eyes now?

    Again, the narrator of the song saw this coming and is lamenting the fact that "the worst" happened anyway.

    You would know it if you saw it, the truth of it all.
    What happens when you see it, and you aren't you no more?

    If the "antagonist" was able to recognize how petty and avoidable this situation was, it might change them fundamentally. It is important to note that there is no accusatory tone to these lyrics. The truth as presented is that the dispute, the wandering, the worst coming out...are all direct consequences of a personal misalignment and inability to course correct.

    Show me what to close my mind around.

    The lease inconsequential lyric in the song, and honestly I think just solid filler for the outro. It could be a cry to God to close my mind around THESE deals and barricade against those trying to tear your "household down" or it could be a reference that I don't have any background on. I think ultimately its a vain plea for closure.

    On a general level, I identify with this song and the concept of the Wandering Jew. On a personal level, I relate to the precognisence not guaranteeing that your partner or brother will be able to avoid any pitfalls of sin. Let's face it, Loss sucks, and the text in which this band is very fond of directly quoting, says that the consequence of sin is permanent loss (death). I think overall it's a Job song. In that the narrator stays blameless and does not curse any one, just laments the state and direction of things.

    But what do I know?
    zaqsmannequinon May 19, 2016   Link

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