"Ragged Tooth" as written by and Tim Millar Rody Walker....
What unknown face now breaks the silence?
What tipping force disturbs the balance?
Swift and sober, comes a voice, offering a bitter choice
Take up a crime and serve the sentence, offer up a final penance
Or dismantle colossus from deep inside, conspirators,
and those allied
Gifts of bronze, iron, obsidian, from nave to chop,
plunged and hidden
Deep in the chests of those who cry, the songs of gods untrue
The prayers to start or end the coup, forever silenced

Like sulfur set to fire, blue flame is born
To rip through homes and cleanse the town
A new world rendered, an old world mourned
The old world left to drown
It draws closer with every step, push off with both feet
Fall into the chasm, which will consume all
March not to the drum, but off the beat
Burst into the evening, cool air burns the lungs
Fear not the turning heads, the darting glances, the lashing tongues

The glowing eyes that burn like embers, fall painful on the skin
Seething with hatred, and writhing in pain, they cast a ghastly grin
Yet among the faces shrouded in horror, one truth prevails
All who’ve ever come this far exclusively have failed
Reach for the hand whose grasp is firm,
Whose blistered palms can confirm,
A kinship in a spiteful place,
with tender touch a warm embrace
Though nights turn long and cold, and the warmth of the day escapes
The long dark shadows growing old, form familiar shapes

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"Ragged Tooth" as written by Tim Millar Rody Walker

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    My InterpretationThis is a comment about the last verse, as it is not only beautifully delivered by the singer but intertwines perfectly with the guitar melody (and I'm also talking about that haunting pinch harmonic with a colossal amount of reverb).

    The first section of the verse as a whole screams that even in the darkest of times and in the darkest of places there is always someone to talk to and connect with, if they can be found (i.e. implied through the command "reach for the hand" - that you yourself must look for it).

    "Blistered palms" suggests toil, struggle and hardship, and as there is no discernible context, the imagery can almost be applied to any situation to connect emotionally with the listener. In addition, the focus on describing the features of a person's hands and the verb "grasp" is very powerful as it puts the listener in the immediate mindset of holding on to a friend or lover's hand, right there and then - conjuring up the emotions that one feels in that act.

    This first stanza also arguably touches on the concept of a romance, with the line "with tender touch, and warm embrace", however this could be interpreted as strong friendship or platonic love. "Tender" and "warm" are both adjectives associated with the notion of caring for a loved one. And the setting, "a spiteful place", although ambiguous, is brilliant at emphasising just how important this connection is between the two people and as a result, works to strengthen this bond further.

    The last stanza continues to expand on this concept of a cherished connection, as through "long and cold" nights and bitter days typically associated with winter time - a time for preservation and taking care to avoid overexposure to the elements - this companionship grows more crucial to survival.

    But what really strikes me about this whole verse is the last two lines.

    These are some of the best lyrics I've ever read written by Rody. His choice to focus on "shadows" to describe the people involved (assumed from what little context there is) is a very powerful and vivid image. Shadows not only conceal the identity of the figures in a shroud of mystery, but there is something timeless about shadows as it is almost impossible to guess the age of the individuals. This is why this choice works so well, as it can encompass anyone and anything over a broad spectrum of life - and therefore of course, makes it even more relatable to a vast audience.

    These shadows "growing old" is a lovely metaphor showing that if nurtured, this deep connection can stand the test of time. However, the last line almost urks me, as it is difficult to decipher the meaning. I feel the line "form familiar shapes" has two parts to its meaning:
    1) it is meant to knock down the proverbial wall that peoples differences, be it physical or in thought, can create to divide people. This description of the shadows therefore emphasises that there is no true universal differences between people - everything living, at a base level, is the same as far as survival is concerned, and on a more relevant note, with the need for emotional bonding and connection (at least when applying to humans).
    2) The lyricalist is perhaps trying to get at the fact that people find comfort in familiarity, and that simply seeing a shadow or a group of shadows belonging to someone or a group of people you know (partner, lover, friends) instils this feeling of comfort in people. This feeling is very influential, as this alone is enough to provide a spark of hope in someone going through a difficult time - this goes very nicely with the metaphor of 'the light in the dark' these two stanzas explore.

    The haunting squeal of the lead guitar's pinch harmonic also goes very well with the fantastical and mysterious imagery typically associated with shadows.

    I also like to think the last verse is a shoutout to one of the verses in 'Wretch' from Protest's album 'Fortress'. It appears that Rody, while perhaps not intentionally, has revisited Arif's lyrics and the imagery he used: "he feels enveloped like a shadow"; "there are evenings in this desolated world of movement, colour and form"; "when nights are grim and they're only getting grimmer" are all parallels that spring to mind when reading this verse. Rody uses the same words and ideas: "nights"; "shadows"; "shapes" (i.e. "movement, colour and form") to get his point across.
    Manwithplanon May 01, 2017   Link
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    My Interpretation(Gifts of bronze) iron, obsidian,
    From nave to chop, plunged and hidden,
    Deep in the chests of those who cry
    The songs of gods untrue

    Bronze, iron, & obsidian are things that can be used to make a weapon.
    "...from nave to the chop..." is a shakespearian reference which means "from the abdomen up to the neck".

    "...plunged and hidden...".

    This indicates that someone is getting stabbed or shot.

    "...deep in the chests of those who cry the sons of gods untrue."

    People getting killed for their religious beliefs.

    "What unknown face now breaks the silence?
    What tipping force disturbs the balance?..."

    somebody is coming to deliver some righteous justice.

    "...Swift and sober, comes a voice, offering a bitter choice..."

    >repent of go to hell

    "...Take up a crime and serve a sentence, offer up a final penance..."

    >repent mother-fuckers

    That's all I have for now. PTH lyrics tend to be kind of cryptic but that's part of the reason they're so fun to listen to.
    reezyPon October 19, 2015   Link

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