My name's Diane, and I'm here to say
We need to be kind to animals every day
Whenever you're hungry, do not pay
For meat, eggs, or dairy

We have no right to use animals for food
I hope that doesn't ruin your mood
I am not trying to be rude, just tellin' it like it is, dude

Humans aren't obligate carnivores
That is a fact you can't ignore
We can eat plants, and that's no bore
Plant foods have flavor and a whole lot more

Calcium, iron, and protein
Are plentiful in dark leafy greens
Fiber helps keep your insides clean
You could become a vegan love machine

My husband, Dan, is a vegan too
He's got no murdered animals in his poo
When it comes to being kind, he shares my view
That being vegan is the right thing to do

Veganism is about more than just what I eat
I also don't wear cowskins on my feet
No feather pillows, no silk sheet
No wool from sheep, who like to bleat

No products tested on animals in my house
Don't support companies that would torture a mouse
I don't visit zoos with my spouse
Don't go fishing or hunt for grouse

I spend my days making Earth a better place
I help all animals, not just my race
Animal cruelty is a disgrace
I do activism with a smile on my face

Veganism is fun, I live with joy
Spread the vegan word to every girl and boy
Eat lots of yummy food, more than just soy
Eat bananas, carrots, kale, and bok choy

Thank you for listening to this song
I hope you'll be vegan before too long
Animal cruelty is always wrong
Spread the vegan word
Loud and strong

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