Aw shit
DSP rapping over LC
Yeah, you heard that right
And these are the Last Rites
So check 'em out... & check ya self
Hey yo

Verse 1:
Transmitting to the killers I administer Last Rites
Like 'Taker on the haters with Tombstones & Last Rides
And rhymes so dark it seems a tongue of the wicked
Is spitting exorcisms sending heads spinning but nah
Maybe it's the 7th petal of the Lotus in focus mode
In nomine patris showin' nada but ease at the load
Sight set on Shangri La with the fire of Ra
Lighting the path that laugh at the rod & the staff
Thy hatchet comfort me presently resting comfortably against my heart
Jumpstarts the strengthening of my conviction
The enemy intent on valediction
Violating my volition, humanity's Dark Side
We ride tonight & sparks fly from the grind
Turn the tide to tidal, a deluge of animal spirit
Enter the conflict, peeps are suicidal
The bigger they are the harder they hit
The heavier the boot bearing down on the skull
Straight Darwin shit
Natural selection, injecting infection
Detection too late, the fates are fetching now
What I'm saying is pick your battles
I'm a man on a mission straight blazing saddles
Leaving a path of destruction in my wake
Quaking through, taking & breaking & burning for my sake
It ain't ego tripping, listen
It seems you peeps that deep-dive for the conceit are slipping
This direction you heading, it may be misleading
Humility, hostility up in this booth breeding, what?!
Just stating the facts out of a clown's jaw
Crowds draw y'all with an axe, 3 Rings at the front door
And I answer gladly, hey, step in this bitch
And see a cipher decipher ciphers, how rich
I know that y'all hate & that the Feds love labels apart
From the one that runs beneath the footpath
But I don't give a fuck, I ain't Wondering Why
I got a dick ya can suck while I throw my hatchet in the sky
So high I gotta strain just to keep it in view
My vision is up, I ain't worried about you
Keep hating, y'all are small fries in Hell's kitchen
And I'm the master chef, keep dish pigging
'Cos that's all you are, you're fucking swine
And the Dark Side Poet provider of horror Hip Hop lines
So get in line for the show if you wanna spout
But I'm the one with the mic & I'm fucking loud

So get in line for the show if you wanna spout
But I'm the one with the mic & I'm fucking loud

Break it down (break it down) X2

And turn it back up... HA!!

Verse 2:
Ya thought I was finished, that that was it? Guess again
When all the ink runs out in blood I dip thy pen
If anybody heard that DSP verse meant for that Joes track
Recall me talking about the blood of kings that writes my raps
I'll never stop as long as man oppresses man
And never stop stressing the lessons there are to understand
'Cos I been right there, pathetic & helpless
Apathetic & selfish, pessimistic & felt this
Ain't the way I wanna be, victim of the robbery
Wrought by boredom, now postmortem I slaughter them thoughts
If I can wake a mother fucker up with beats & a voice
I'll know I made the right choice, it's fuelling the poise, yeah
I've suffered with self-respect but that ain't ya business
Just press play & find ya self a witness
To oratory in its rawest form, started child of the night
With an axe to Roger Jackson with a mic, what?!
Who's ya favourite serial killer? From the screen or real life
Does he utilise a chainsaw, machete or knife?
Does he murder these dumb sluts or murder the beat?
Check out the Dark Side Poet, you'll find him in your street, let's meet

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